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Kudos to Nordic for keeping good to their word, and great for Wii U owners who haven't been able to upgrade to Switch yet. Anybody here still active on Wii U getting this?

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Media Alert: Darksiders Warmastered Edition releasing on May 23rd 2017

Contrary to a couple of online rumours, Wii U™ version is on its way and by no means cancelled

Vienna Austria, April 7th, 2017

Short info on Darksiders Warmastered Edition for Wii U™:
Release date: May 23rd, 2017
RRP: EUR/USD 19.99, GBP 14.99
Tags: Action RPG, Action-Adventure, Hack and Slash, Third Person

Darksiders Warmastered Edition is a remaster of the original Darksiders with hellish HD resolution and performance improvements!

About Darksiders
Deceived by the forces of evil into prematurely bringing about the end of the world, War – the first Horseman of the Apocalypse – stands accused of breaking the sacred law by inciting a war between Heaven and Hell. In the slaughter that ensued, the demonic forces defeated the heavenly hosts and laid claim to the Earth. 

  • Apocalyptic Power – Unleash the wrath of War, combining brutal attacks and supernatural abilities to decimate all who stand in your way
  • Extreme Arsenal – Wield a devastating arsenal of angelic, demonic and Earthly weapons; and blaze a trail of destruction atop Ruin, War’s fiery phantom steed
  • Epic Quest – Battle across the wastelands and demon-infested dungeons of the decimated Earth in your quest for vengeance and redemption
  • Character Progression – Uncover powerful ancient relics, upgrade your weapons, unlock new abilities, and customize your gameplay style
  • Battle Heaven and Hell – Battle against all who stand in your way - from war-weary angelic forces to Hell’s hideous demon hordes

Can't wait to see how much it ends up selling.

Would off maybe bought that on Switch, wonder if they would port it over

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Great job THQNordic. Well... I guess I'll finally get Darksiders I.

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I think most people accepted that the wii u version wouldn't happen, but if anything this is a pleasent surprise for some people so good for them.


I'm going to get it for the collection, as I already have Darksiders II on Wii U.

This might be a game to keep sealed if you want reselling value. Might become rare in the future just because of a low print run and one of the last Wii U games.

I have to give them credit for sticking to their guns with the WiiU version. But by the time it comes out, the WiiU will be a dead platform. Only collectors will buy it at all.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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