Mr Puggsly said:
SegataSanshiro said:

You don't get a collectors market. Simple label variations or a sticker can shoot a games worth in the hundreds or more. Chrono Trigger is ported to many systems but the SNES copy is still expensive. Gravity Rush on Vita very cheap.On PS4 it's expensive.  Zelda OoT 1.0 cart is rare but any version after that is common. (has the music and symbosl removed later versions) GTA SA early versions go for more money because of hot coffee. . Sonic on Master System expensive but then the version with a sticker is even worth a ton more. The Game Gear Version is cheap as can be. Many Saturn games that are on PS1 are rare or expensive just because they were on a lower print run on Saturn and some cases end of life. That also plays a factor in a game becoming rare or collectible is when it released in a consoles life. Often at the very begining (binding of issac will soon be a collectors item on Switch) or late life. It's  not so much the game itself but it's circumstances that can make a game rare and collecable. It's a wierd anf finnicky market.

I get what you're saying but Darksiders isn't one of iconic games that will be worth alot down the road.

I have a wrapped copy of Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Not sure if that will ever be worth anything, but its a great game with no ports.

Sometimes even not so well known games or fairly common games becaome high demand just because of time and system released. Not saying this will be rare but a chance it will be.