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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Seiken Densetsu ( Secret of Mania ) Collection announced for Switch

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JRPGfan said:
Kudistos Megistos said:
Far too cheap. I'll wager that Nintendo would make much bigger profits if they charged twice as much; I'm pretty sure that at least half of the people who'd be willing to pay ¥4800 for this would also be willing to pay ¥9600 for it.

And they really should try putting out a limited edition version for ¥19200. They could use a different cover or something.

You must be a sales major or something!  I think your onto something there :p

Seriously though, Nintendo should be putting these great old games, onto android/ios/their own virtual console, for cheap and sell millions of them instead. Glad to see Im not the only one that thinks so.

SQ is the one to blame on this. I don't know why you keep blaming Nintendo

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Just checked the Google Play store and Secret of Mana sells for $8.99 so if that is coming with 3 games of assuming similar value (I would say they are worth probably $5 to be honest) then the game should not cost more than $20. $45 is such a rip-off.

Hasn't Square had a reputation for some time now of "doing the most" with their pricing???

Have a nice day...

Soonerman said:
Just checked the Google Play store and Secret of Mana sells for $8.99 so if that is coming with 3 games of assuming similar value (I would say they are worth probably $5 to be honest) then the game should not cost more than $20. $45 is such a rip-off.

Don't forget that they are adding online coop to this, which adds a lot of value to Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3, since the games have a lot of focus on coop play. And also consider it is a physical copy on a system with retail and licensing fees (this would add something like $12-15 to the price) unlike the Google Play store. 

So using your $5 (average) estimate that would be $15 + $12 = $27, with online mode the extra $13 for what will probably be a $40 price in the United States, seems worth it. 

If it sells in good quantities the price is of course justified and at least if you buy the collection you can then legitimately run an emulator on pc and play the games at 4k or with 3D graphics. Yes simple graphics like this still look good on 3D tv's.

I certainly wouldn't pay this mainly because its not the type of games I enjoy anyway.

I do wonder how much of a cashcow the Switch can be before its library of old overpriced games becomes hugely negative and a reason not to buy the console. I'm old enough to remember when new consoles got new games that hadn't been seen before. Not just one title but 4 or 5 with launch and then regular new games every month. Even if they were multiformat they were pretty much released at the same time on different formats. As a potential Switch buyer I can honestly say there are 0 games at the moment I would want to own and only Mario Odyssey on the horizon as a potential desirable title for me. Never before have I had so little desire to buy a Nintendo console. This announcement makes me feel so out of touch with current Nintendo fans. Sales figures will show if this is popular but it looks near enough impossible to be unprofitable. I wonder how small the cartridge will be in capacity. 1GB seems about 8x bigger than required even allowing for the emulator files.

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Exciting, but are these all just straight up ports?

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Would love to have the physical version of this. C'mon Squeenix, you have to localise this! And follow up with a Soulblazer/Illusion of Gaia/Terranigma collection because damn it!

QuestForTires said:
JRPGfan said:

a GB game and 2 SNES games? for 45$ US?

Your phone can play these games, your tablet, your laptop/desktop ect.

Most people probably already have played these.

These are 22-26 years old games, its crazy their not sold for like 1-2$ each on virtual console.

That said Seiken Densetsu 2,3 are still decent games today.

But you can get them off a rom site for free, and play them on any device.

That 45$ price tag nintendo put on these is kinda nuts.

So, Sony PlayStation Store pricing, nobody bats an eyelash:

PSOne:  $5.99
PS2:  $9.99-$14.99 (GTA Trilogy is $34.99, which is $11.66 per game)

But, Nintendo Virtual Console games (which this isn't, it's a physical + digital release from SquareEnix) MUST start at $1, or everyone loses their minds.  Why, because Nintendo has been around longer and has a library that predates the PlayStation brand?  I'm pretty sure if there was a PlayStation console in the SNES/Genesis era, Sony wouldn't be selling games from it in their online store for .99 cents a piece.  And, to reiterate, Nintendo didn't dictate to SquareEnix that Square has to price their collection at $45.  Yet, I haven't seen 1 comment saying Square is asking a bit much (again, despite the fact that they are also commiting a physical release to this collection), only that NINTENDO is crazy for choosing this pricepoint (which again, they didn't.  Square did).

People do complain quite often about pricing of PS2 games. $15 is widely criticized. Even then, those PS2 classics at least have things like trophy support.

The reason why Nintendo is criticized for pricing on virtual console is that they're always more expensive than their competition (not to mention you have to purchase them multiple times per console space). N64 games should be $7, not $10. SNES games should be $5, not $8. NES games should be $2-3. The extra push behind it is that the files you download on VC are just straight ROMs. There's no extra work done to them, just publisher ensuring they have the license.

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Soundwave said:
I will say that pricing though ... for what is basically three ROMs ... yikes. I want it but it's kind of a ripoff.

You can say that if its digital only but if its physical its a huge value

omg OMG I need this :O please please come to the west T-T