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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Seiken Densetsu ( Secret of Mania ) Collection announced for Switch

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This is so cool...

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$50 seems pretty steep for 3 games from 20 years ago...
Maybe discounted I'll bite, but not like I care about the Mana series that much to begin with.


I need this localized. I'm sure my gf and I will have fun playing Secret of Mana.

JRPGfan said:
DarthMetalliCube said:

a GB game and 2 SNES games? for 45$ US?

Your phone can play these games, your tablet, your laptop/desktop ect.

Most people probably already have played these.

These are 22-26 years old games, its crazy their not sold for like 1-2$ each on virtual console.

That said Seiken Densetsu 2,3 are still decent games today.

But you can get them off a rom site for free, and play them on any device.

That 45$ price tag nintendo put on these is kinda nuts.

So, Sony PlayStation Store pricing, nobody bats an eyelash:

PSOne:  $5.99
PS2:  $9.99-$14.99 (GTA Trilogy is $34.99, which is $11.66 per game)

But, Nintendo Virtual Console games (which this isn't, it's a physical + digital release from SquareEnix) MUST start at $1, or everyone loses their minds.  Why, because Nintendo has been around longer and has a library that predates the PlayStation brand?  I'm pretty sure if there was a PlayStation console in the SNES/Genesis era, Sony wouldn't be selling games from it in their online store for .99 cents a piece.  And, to reiterate, Nintendo didn't dictate to SquareEnix that Square has to price their collection at $45.  Yet, I haven't seen 1 comment saying Square is asking a bit much (again, despite the fact that they are also commiting a physical release to this collection), only that NINTENDO is crazy for choosing this pricepoint (which again, they didn't.  Square did).

I hope this doesn't stay in Japan...

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Anfebious said:
I hope this doesn't stay in Japan...

Same, these are excellent games, and I would love to play them again. 


Never played these games originally. Price is a bit steep, but I'll probably bite. Be cool to get all these games on one cartridge.

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I have a question, just how can the multiplayer work? Are details on the multiplayer out yet?



Ahhh, I want this so bad, hope it gets localized D:

TheWPCTraveler said:
I have a question, just how can the multiplayer work? Are details on the multiplayer out yet?

About 30mins? into the game (cant remember exactly), you get the secound character (in secret of mana) the girl, and a 2nd player with a controller can push start/select and take over that character.

I think its even possible to play as 3 people, with each in controll of one of them (I never tested this out).

My neighbor had this for his snes, and we played it co-op from more or less start to finish.

I remember getting angry if he would play while I wasnt around and advance the story ect :p

Secret of mana is a great game.... I just think the priceing is going to hurt it's sales.


I believe its the same in Seiken Sensetsu 3, though I havnt ever tried it co-op.

The multi-player aspects their talking about are probably like the snes's (local co-op).

Give your friend a joy-con (left or right) and you keep one, and let him/her take controll of one of the 3 characters (your team has).