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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bold Prediction: Splat2 > DQXI (3ds/ps4) Japan! Next Combined: 565k* Left


Splatoon 2 vs DQXI... (choose best option)

Splat2 Will Sell Less PS4+3DS Sku 28 40.00%
Splat2 Will Sell mor than... 17 24.29%
Splat2 Wont outsell neither ps4 or 3ds sku 4 5.71%
Splat2 Will outsell DQXI (all sku combined) 21 30.00%



After the FFXV vs Splatoon thread (epic thtead btw) i thought of this. Now first of all lets remember for those that say itll be impossible for splatoon 2 to beat DQ11 lifetime, same was said with splatoon vs ffxv yet here we are!


Goal 1: (DQXI ps4) PASSED

Goal 2: (DQXI 3ds) PASSED

Goal 3: (DQXI Com) Under 1.808mil left to go

Bonus: ???

So who will win the battle lifetime? I ask because these 2 games are the only potential 3mil+ sellers that we kno of as of right now. 


DQ has ps4/switch and especially 3ds sku vs splatoon 2 only switch release.


DQ is also already guaranteed mega sales (like 3mil+ easy) which splatoon is debatable.


Splatoon2 has 1 thing that will be the divisive winner and thats if it becomes a phenomenon in japan. Its currently the only franchise with that UNKNOWN factor going for it. It could potienally be a 5mil seller (only if switch is more than at least an 8mil seller of course)..




So thoughts? Ill be that guy and says splatoon2 will win unless dq11 does wayyyy more than 5mil!


1st year

Splat2 1.765mil

DQ3DS 1.761mil

DQPS4 1.369mil

DQ11 3.130mil

Splat2 vs DQ11

Splatoon2: 2.684mil

DQ(ps4): 1.380mil
DQ(3ds): 1.775mil
DQ(Com): 3.155mil

Splat2 losing by...

DQ: Left... 471k



Bonus info


DQ3DS 1.741 week 41 (11 weeks sold 20k so avg of under 2k a week)

DQps4 1.348mil week 38 (14 weeks sold 21k so about 1.5k a week)

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I really hope Dragon Quest wins it.... turn based RPGs needs love too man.

I see people double-dipping for the Switch/3DS or PS4/Switch versions, depending on what the Switch version will be like. 

I personally will double dip 3DS/Switch, if the Switch version is like the PS4 version. 

So Dragon Quest XI will probably win. 

Dragon Quest, hands down. Dragon Quest is what FIFA is to Europe. It's a religion in Japan.

I think Dragon Quest XI will win just because it is on three popular platforms. I also hope Dragon Quest XI wins because it is the game that I am much more interested in.

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RolStoppable said:
Unlike Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest has stayed true to its roots. (Online entries ignored for both series.)

So Dragon Quest is in much better shape than Final Fantasy. Splatoon 2 can certainly beat its predecessor, but Dragon Quest XI is a really tall hurdle, so I'll go with Square-Enix's game. I would already be surprised if Splatoon 2 comes close, despite its added portability.

My thoughts exactly. Im only going for splatoon2 fpr bragging rights (again lol). If i had to make a normal prediction i say ...


DQ= 4.5mil

Splat2= 3mil

DQXI i think because the dqxI have 3 platforms to sell and splatoon 2 is only to switch.

DQXI: 2.5mil to 4.5mil ( 3ds 1.5m to 2.5m, Ps4 500k to 1m and Switch 500k to 1m both lifetime.)

Splatoon 2: 2m to 3m lifetime


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Not sure about Dragon Quest XI but I'm pretty certain Splatoon 2 will outsell Splatoon no problem with 5 million+ especially considering it's releasing on a portable system this time around.

I feel there should be a poll for this thread.

DQ all the way!

A little bit of an unfair match up since DQXI will have three platforms to combine sales on.

Could Splatoon 2 on Switch outsell the best selling DQXI SKU (individual) though? Yeah I think that's possible depending on how its sales split.