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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bold Prediction: Splat2 > DQXI (3ds/ps4) Japan! Next Combined: 565k* Left


Splatoon 2 vs DQXI... (choose best option)

Splat2 Will Sell Less PS4+3DS Sku 28 40.00%
Splat2 Will Sell mor than... 17 24.29%
Splat2 Wont outsell neither ps4 or 3ds sku 4 5.71%
Splat2 Will outsell DQXI (all sku combined) 21 30.00%

Splatoon 2 will most likely easily sell more (Splatoon 2 will easily be 2m+ game in Japan) than individual DQ11 3DS version, or individual DQ11 PS4 version, or individual DQ11 Switch version, but selling more than all those versions combined is a strech.

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Poll added

So splat2 has been unleashed for pre orders. This will be fun. Im starting to season the crow. Tell me what kind do you guys want. Ill prepare to the best i can xD

I think ..........


DQ11(3DS)   Under 3 million  

Splat 2           More than 2million                 

DQ11(PS4 )   Under 2 million


Switch is hard to get. Splat2 will have insane legs, still going with 5mil+

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A slime draws near


Splat it!

If Splatoon was any indication, Splatoon 2 will have very long legs (tentacles?) while Dragon Quest is very frontloaded. While at launch DQ XI will certainly take the win, Splatoon 2 will grind that advantage away over time, even moreso with the limited supply of the switch.

The question is if it can grind enough to surpass DQ XI total sales - and how well the switch version will sell later on since those sales will be added to total sales, after all.

I think it's possible for splatoon 2 to overtake Dragon Quest XI on the long run, but certainly not during launch

DQ games have sold very poorly in America have they not? Switch is hot right now worldwide, if America catches Splatoon fever assuming people just wamt more Switch games, Splatoon 2 might just have a chance.

Goal 1 Splat2 vs DQ11 ps4 retail (142k left to go!)


Splat2 vs DQ11 (retail Media Create)

Splatoon2: 1.249mil
DQ(ps4): 1.360mil
DQ(3ds): 1.748mil
DQ(Com): 3.108mil

Splat2 losing by...

Ps4: Under 111k
3ds: 499k
DQ: 1.8mil






Splatoon2: 1.274mil

DQ(3ds): 1.722mil

DQ(ps4): 1.319mil



Goal1: Ps4 losing by 45k

Goal2: 3ds losing by 448k

Goal3: combined by 1767k