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After the FFXV vs Splatoon thread (epic thtead btw) i thought of this. Now first of all lets remember for those that say itll be impossible for splatoon 2 to beat DQ11 lifetime, same was said with splatoon vs ffxv yet here we are!


Goal 1: (DQXI ps4) PASSED

Goal 2: (DQXI 3ds) PASSED

Goal 3: (DQXI Com) Under 1.808mil left to go

Bonus: ???

So who will win the battle lifetime? I ask because these 2 games are the only potential 3mil+ sellers that we kno of as of right now. 


DQ has ps4/switch and especially 3ds sku vs splatoon 2 only switch release.


DQ is also already guaranteed mega sales (like 3mil+ easy) which splatoon is debatable.


Splatoon2 has 1 thing that will be the divisive winner and thats if it becomes a phenomenon in japan. Its currently the only franchise with that UNKNOWN factor going for it. It could potienally be a 5mil seller (only if switch is more than at least an 8mil seller of course)..




So thoughts? Ill be that guy and says splatoon2 will win unless dq11 does wayyyy more than 5mil!


1st year

Splat2 1.765mil

DQ3DS 1.761mil

DQPS4 1.369mil

DQ11 3.130mil

Splat2 vs DQ11

Splatoon2: 2.684mil

DQ(ps4): 1.380mil
DQ(3ds): 1.775mil
DQ(Com): 3.155mil

Splat2 losing by...

DQ: Left... 471k



Bonus info


DQ3DS 1.741 week 41 (11 weeks sold 20k so avg of under 2k a week)

DQps4 1.348mil week 38 (14 weeks sold 21k so about 1.5k a week)

Last edited by tbone51 - on 11 November 2018