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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What kind of game should the next Zelda be?


What kind of game should the next Zelda be?

2D 19 25.00%
3D 17 22.37%
Open World 22 28.95%
A combination of these 6 7.89%
Something completely new 11 14.47%
I hate Zelda, there shoul... 1 1.32%

I've always wished for a Legend of Zelda + Samurai Jack mashup, where at the start of the game you fight Ganondorf but before you kill him he sends you to the future. And instead of the the destroyed post apocalyptic world like breath of the wild, it's a more technological world.

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A 2D sidescroller, Zelda II style. GOTY for sure.

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BotW 2: Smaller world, bigger and more dungeons (I haven't played any dungeons yet, so this is based on reviews). Better variety of enemies, but most importantly: 2 main modes. Open world, like BotW (dozens of weapons, cooking, multiple horses to hold, etc), and classic, like most 3D Zeldas (only 2 or 3 weapons, somehow not open world, hearts drop again, only one horse, etc).

I dont know if that would even be possible, but it would be pretty cool.

I would like another Top-down view Zelda though. ALBW is still my favorite game of all time.

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It can be 2d, but on 3DS and switch.


But the real sequel needs to be 3d and on Switch. I would like it to be about the time when they first made the guardians. Or when the guardians were turned on hyrule by ganon.

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One issue the series and fans are going to run into with the next Zelda is likely expectations. The way the Wii U situation played out and pushing a new console they were given well over 5 years to create and continue to improve on this game while they were delaying it for the new console. Now granted having a lot of the engine and assets done will speed up future development of the next title if they seek a similar game-style (which I assume they will), but they are gonna be hard pressed to have to not only achieve the depth of this game, but exceed it, in roughly half the development time they got for this title. Not to mention the cost of such a long development time. Nintendo was willing to eat that cost because they needed such a killer title to push new hardware. Remove that willingness to dump as much cost and the leniency of development time and its gonna be hard to live up. This is no unique problem to Nintendo, you see this situation play out all across gaming. Sadly business situations can both help, and hurt.

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I feel like the Zelda team can go anywhere at this point (not like they haven't before :P). It's kinda like asking what would you do after releasing classics like OoT, Sgt. Pepper, Terminator 2, Pet Sounds, Toy Story 2 (and 3), etc.

I wouldn't mind whatever they'll do next with Zelda as long as the quality is maintained like it has been for over 30 years. And in a way, they've went back to basics with BoTW, being influenced by the original Zelda and it's open world concept and expanding upon it in 3D and HD. I just hope that we don't go overboard and claim or expect "better than BoTW" or what not because it sets an unfair precedent on future games of the franchise. Though then again, we've been comparing previous games to OoT so I'm probably making a moot point :P

I think they'll do a 2D Zelda for the Switch now, a 2-player Zelda I'm guessing (one player plays Link, the other Zelda) that you can play with just one Joycon, a little bit like 4 Swords but with two people. And that'll probably be 2019-ish. 

For another 3D Zelda ... I dunno ... I wouldn't entirely be surprised if this is the only new 3D Zelda the current Switch gets.

Assuming a development time of 4-5 years for the next game, it may be an early Switch 2 or "New Switch" title. The current Switch has problems running BoTW as is, maybe the next Zelda being on better hardware may not be such a bad thing.

I want the next installment to be to Breath of the Wild what Majora's Mask was to Ocarina of Time.

By that I mean a direct sequel that takes some big chances in story telling. This way it could reduce development time so it releases on the Switch by sometime in 2020.

A multi-verse Zelda that sees you hoping from 2D to 3D to top down, back to 8 bit and ending in the open world. The Legend of Zelda a Link Between Realities.

We have to remember with the DLC Expansion Pass they're going to have a new story and dungeon for the game this holiday as well.