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What kind of game should the next Zelda be?

2D 19 25.00%
3D 17 22.37%
Open World 22 28.95%
A combination of these 6 7.89%
Something completely new 11 14.47%
I hate Zelda, there shoul... 1 1.32%
Barkley said:

Hmmm... that's something to think about... we may see a lot less "2d" games from Nintendo going forward due to the Switch.

So you can wish for a 2d Zelda, but I doubt we'll see one on the Switch.

Can you explain how you came to that conclusion?

When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.

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One with proper dungeons. Can be 2D or 3D

More "realistic" and weighted combat like nioh, witcher 3, realistic art style, fighting humans and overall more human interactions with big towns and such. Monster specific weapons, and dialogue options.

Like breath of the wild, but a different and crazy world like Lorule and Termina.

They've reset the franchise now, and BOTW is the best game Nintendo has ever produced.  This is going to be what Zelda is for a while.

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After Breath of the Wild, I wouldn't mind a return to the linear formula, with some open world aspects like choosing your own dungeon order. So more or less, Link Between Worlds but with higher production values, full scale 3D, and still multiple ways to solve certain puzzles. Making Zelda open world all the time would become tiring I think. The same way Making Mario a free roaming game all the time got stale and they went to the Galaxy and 3D series.

I'm all for Nintendo improving upon Breath of the Wild's art style too. The game is drop dead gorgeous, aside from some expanded textures resultant of the Wii U port. Either way, I can't wait to see what's next. But even before this, we're getting DLC.

We'll get remakes and spinoffs for a while until the next game, like SSHD, something like Hyrule Warriors, and maybe a new top-down multiplayer game.

It's hard to see how they could top BOTW. Maybe if they could find a way to incorporate more traditional large dungeons in addition to the shrine formula. And please include an option for motion controlled combat.

top down 2D, for a faster release.
meanwhile, develop the next 3D
and keep like this forever.

Be original and do away with the triforce and Ganondorf.

Something completely new while retaining the spirit and core of the franchise.

-Female Link (Linkle)
-Who is the enemy of the world
-tryna resurrect ancient evil cuz tryna save a loved one
-Dies at the end of game while being consumed by evil

Kinda SotC ripoff but whatevs

It should be a 2D side-scroller like Zelda II, with hand-drawn cartoon graphics, starring kid Link. Don't even try to top Breath of the Wild. Go in a completely different direction.