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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Last of Us: Did Joel make the right decision? (Spoilers)

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I dunno. Having heard all the firefly tapes I don't think they had a sure thing solution or cure. Whatever they were going to do with Ellie was in high hopes of experiment and procedure going in their favour and working out as intended. It felt very trial and error. The uncertainty of the procedure made my decision easier.

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celador said:
He made the decision I would of made, but it was probably not the correct decision for the greater good

As we've seen in the real world, and in tlou, their is no such thing as a " greater good". 

A world where everyone help and take care of each other is a utopia that doesn't exist. 

Ultrashroomz said:

In the technical side, no, his decision basically got rid of the small chance of humanity finally being able to suffer no more, and have a much bbetter chance of surviving.

Joel is only human though, and Ellie was like a second daughter to him, especially after everything that happened during the Winter chapter.

A good amount of people would probably say if they were in Joel's position, they would simply let Ellie go for the sake of saving lives, but not a lot of people can say they had their daughter die in their hands, and then find a close person that fills that very empty void.

Ugh, I used to hate TLOU, and thought it was overrated trash. I still think it's overrated, but I appreciate the game much more than I used to.

Actually, as portrayed by the game humans have the technoly and the tools to combat the zombies and keep the virus out. 

The only thing that made this world into such chaos is humans turning on each other. 

Joel didn't doom humanity. There was no guarantee that sacrificing Ellie would have lead to a cure.

If it were a sure thing, or even close to it, then I would say he should have let her go. But, who would let a loved one die on the off chance that her death might lead to a cure? Probably next to nobody.

Every time this topic comes up, I inevitably think of this scene from Scrapped Princess: (the scene in question is from 4:40-5:30).

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KLAMarine said:
KLXVER said:

I dont think anyone sees him as a bad guy.

Potentially dooming all of mankind might convince some otherwise.

Well he rescued Ellie, so I think people forgive him.

There was no guarantee her sacrifice would have furthered research towards a cure,

Even if a cure was developed, there's no guarantee the fireflies would distribute it openly. They may have used it as a means to attain power.

Even if it were to be distributed effectively and there were only humans left, it's been so long that very few have any humanity left.

Also, in defense of Joel (or as a complain to the writers), none of this would have ever happened if they had just let them say goodbye to each other. Absolutely nothing, Ellie would have made Joel understand the situation, even if that would have broken him. But the fireflies wanted to make things fast and in a hurry and Joel wasn't having any of that, and Ellie didn't have any say in it so yeah.

If someone told me they was going to kill my daughter or next best thing because they believed it was necessary I would kill everybody who stood in my way. I think any father/father figure would do the same

No, he did not do the right choice. Ellie was not her daughter and she didn't think of him as her dad.