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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Last of Us: Did Joel make the right decision? (Spoilers)

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No imo.

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No it wasnt the right decision. The right decisiin was probably letting Ellie choose what she wanted to do. But that qould lik roll y have meant her sacrificing herself for the greater good. So meh.

He made a decision based on his emotions, logical thing to do was save humanity.

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Nogamez said:
If someone told me they was going to kill my daughter or next best thing because they believed it was necessary I would kill everybody who stood in my way. I think any father/father figure would do the same

What are you talking about? Fathers don't care for their daughters. They have no emotions at all. That's what I learned from the director of the Silent Hill movie. Dur...

It was a selfish choice but since a dozen of people who where immune died for a cure (audio files) in vain it could be deemed the right choice. There was no guarantee Ellie could have helped in creating a cure, I would say the chance that she would die in vain was rather big. Besides we wouldn't have a the last of us part 2 so by definition this was the right choice.

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I thought it was evil of him but i cried so much i really not sure

Yes and no. Of course, that is why it is so interesting.

As a person, as a father, he could not made the decision of killing her. Especially without her consent.

But if you look at it objectively, he sacrifices humanity for her, which is of course a lot more questionable.

Now the biggest point IMO is that nobody at any moment sat down with Ellie to tell her the truth and ask her what she want to do. She doesn t know she would die.

Anyway, one of the greatest game ever made. I'll buy a ps4pro before TLOU 2 comes out. I cannot miss this that game.

Yeah, it was fine from his pov. Not everyone wants to be the hero.

I'd of done the same thing, even though I know it wouldn't of been right for humanity, there's not a chance I'd sacrifice my daughter.
Wrong decision for humanity but if each individual Human put themselves in same position with that same emotion and feelings he had for his daughter (adopted, sort of) I bet 90% would of done the same.

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He made the right decision in his mind