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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So Emily Rogers and Eurogamer were creating fake news and fake rumors?

Lucas-Rio said:
Captain_Yuri said:

How does she represent Eurogamer if she posts on Twitter? Eurogamer has their own twitter which represents them... And yea, I know Eurogamer published the Zelda delay rumor but what other one did they publish from the list of yours?

And can I see a Link to that "She is an employee of Eurogamer"

It looks like you are true, she is actually a "freelance" and not an employee. My mistake. From my list, Eurogamer also published Pokemon Star.

Interesting. I think at this point, we should only trust Eurogamer with hardware rumors and not software. As far as hardware goes, their rumors seem to be on point but with software, not so much.


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Quelle surprise....

Ever since the issue of PSM that said the PS2 would look like a Dreamcast came out the same week that OPM had pics of the console, I quit believing in video game rumors.

Eurogamer is overrated AF to be honest. I'm glad the got some things wrong (maybe they were right and Nintendo decided to make those announcements at a later date?). Hopefully their reputation takes a hit tbh. I couldn't understand people taking their rumors for GRANTED, because "its Eurogamer". Bitch I'm Amerigamer and can make up rumors too, stfu.

Here's a thing from emily.

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yes, let's forget AAAAAALLLL the rumors that were right.

Emily Rodgers and Laura Kate Dale are nothing but parrots repeating what they read on the net and building a following from the guesses that were right and quietly brushing the mistakes under a rug of thin excuses.

How about Voice Acting! She was correct about that!

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Told you all that she was full of shit. No one believed me

They got voice acting right.