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Nintendo Switch to have VR: the gamepad is also a VR screen.

Cool idea. 79 56.43%
Bad idea. 61 43.57%

If this iteration of the Switch supports VR, then there's no way the display is under 1080p, even if most games run at 720p. My guess is that any VR functionality they have planned is for a later edition.

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WagnerPaiva said:
SvennoJ said:
Don't you need more than strapping a screen in front of your face for VR games? How does Gear VR accomplish 6 axis head tracking? What is going to track the controllers? Is there any mention of inside out tracking in the patents? A lot depends on the screen too. Is it low persistence and capable of 90fps to be useful for VR games? Isn't the screen a bit large, forcing the optics to be large too? Nvm the whole device looks pretty large and heavy. It looks a bit bigger than iPhone 6 plus.

Whatever they do with it, it It can't be worse than virtual boy at least.

Yes, the video talks about it.

It doesn't really, just like Samsung Gear VR and it has a gyroscope, that's all I got from the video. And a bit of dreaming to play breath of the wild in VR. Perhaps we'll know some more in a month.

Switch does everything xD its like Nintendo couldn't make up their minds and thought "fuck it, if it does everything then everyone will be happy and no one will complain" 😂 😂

I think it should have vr, Nintendo need to stop playing catch up and since everyone else is already knee deep in vr than Nintendo need to join the buzz.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

In a word,
the screen is too low of a resolution, so it will look terrible and the machine is way underpowered, we're talking about a machine with a fraction of the power of the PS4

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I think you can unplug the Switch from your TV and carry the smaller unit. Then, you can pull two smaller Switches from the Switch and put one on each eye.

You read it here, first.

mZuzek loves to pre-order

absolutely not.

1. Too Heavy?
2. 720p


I've used my phone as a VR device, even a 1080p device used like this isn't a very good experience.

I didn't read the whole thread, but : a patent doesn't mean something works, and even less that it's going to become real. Companies file hundreds/thousands of patents every year and a lot of those patents are never used.

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Not really that into VR but if the headsets enable me to experience games like the new Zelda in a virtual big screen with no ambient light and great sound in my ears, I'm all for it :).