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Will you buy multiplats on Switch or PS4/XBO/PC if you own both systems?

Switch 270 37.04%
PS4/XBO/PC 331 45.40%
Won't own a Switch 109 14.95%
Won't own a PS4/XBO/PC 19 2.61%

So this is an interesting question that was brought up by a user on Neogaf, and I thought it was compelling enough to deserve its own thread. Assuming that most/all multiplats that are released on the PS4/XBO/PC are also released on the Switch, will you buy multiplatform games on Switch, so that you can play it anytime/anywhere, or on PC/PS4/XBO to display it in higher resolution/ HDR on your TV?

As for me, I think I've been pretty clear. While I value performance a lot, particularly framerate, I value convenience way more, so I plan on buying all of my multiplats on the Switch. What about you?

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The ps4.

The main reason I like the switch is to NOT play games on a handheld.

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Switch, since I don't directly own a Xbone or a PS4.


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I have a PS4 and XB1, so I don't really see a reason to buy a multiplatform game on the Switch if I get less for my money... Smaller and indie games I will get for the Switch.

I dont like to play games "On the go". Even my 3ds I play in my room, while on the bed, so for me the obvious answer is get them for Ps4.

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While it sounds nice to be able to play games on the Go, the benefits of playing on the PC still outweigh it for me. Specially the Generations issue.


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mostly PS4, unless the game is really suited to portability and quick sessions.

Stardew Valley for instance I will get on Switch

Switch and I'd rebuy a shitload too.
What I would pay for a portable Team Fortress 2 and CnC Anniversary on Switch.

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Switch. I usually only play Nintendo exclusive games + 3rd party games that interest me which will be available on the Switch. They're mostly JRPG though, like this generation with my 3DS having a ton of JRPG from Atlus or SE.

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I'm surprised at how well the Switch is polling considering the responses in the thread.

Well, this is new.