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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VGChartz WARHAWK bi-weekly league.

I've only played maybe 10 hours in Warhak since I got it back in September, so I'm not so good. >_>

This will give me the perfect opportunity to home my skills, however. I should be able to play all afternoon on Saturdays (CST), and possibly well into the night.

And no, I don't have Omega Dawn.

@Skip: Those minigames sound awesome, particularly Death Tag.

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Ill give it a go. I havnt played Warhawk since I got CoD4. I do have Omega Dawn tho.


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All these ideas are really good ones. I haven't played in ages though

I like the sound of death tag. I don't mind what maps or what type of matches we play. Also, Saturday sounds very good. I have Omega Dawn.

Oh yeah, I have Omega Dawn, and will buy Broken Mirror

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sounds like fun, can't wait. i also have omega dawn

ill check this thread tommorow to see if people are playing and might join in 

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well, I just resprained my ankle, so I need to rest it tomorrow. That might lead to some Warhawk. Like ameratsu, I'll be looking in this thread for ongoing games, or annoncing the starting of a game, should there be none.

Hmmm...maybe we can have a couple of people hosting servers if the list of people participating gets too big. I know I can also host a maximum of 12 people. That gives us 24 slots when combining the seperate servers....maybe we could also have one for the extra packages to the game and one for the people without the extra packages?

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I want to play now.



I want in. However, I just got the game today and after 6 hours of playing I got my first kill. (I suck really bad) haha It's a nice break from Cod4.

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