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    Metro: Last Light PC specs

    in PC Discussion on 11 June 2013

    I had some strange lighting glitches during my Metro playthrough though it ended up being that I overclocked my 4890 a bit further than normal. Really fun game even with my PC being brought to its knees during several outdoor sections. I have to say, the first two Metro games have both been fantastic. 4A Games has come out with a great follow up to Metro 2033. As far as 'Metro' as a world goes,...

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    What went wrong with Age Of Empires?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 August 2012

    DanneSandin said:I just looked up AoEO - 3 (THREE) playable civs! Unless you buy the premium package, then you get an additional 2 civs... Dafuq? really? I wanna be able to choose from a variety of civs!! It's different from AoE 1/2 in that rather than having a lot of civs that have some minor differences, you build your civ up as you level to add bonuses and special abilities. I...

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    My PS3 is dead(;_;)

    in Sony Discussion on 31 August 2012

    Anyone else still using their 60gb ps3 -- it's probably a good idea to open it up and replace the thermal paste on the cpu and gpu. There are disassembly instructions on youtube, and I made a thread about here it at some point....

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    What went wrong with Age Of Empires?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 August 2012

    Age of Empires Online is actually a pretty decent game. Worth trying out if you are a fan of AoE 1/2. ...

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    Recommend some free games for me? New Laptop :D

    in PC Discussion on 15 June 2012

    F2P/Freeware - The Ur-Quan Masters - Alien Swarm (co-op action game; free on steam) - Age of Empires Online (f2p. if you don't mind GFWL) - Tribes: Ascend (f2p) Good paid PC exclusives - Terraria - Aquaria (indie metroidvania game. should be pretty cheap) - DayZ (free mod for ArmA II: Combined Operations, which is a paid game) You will have lots to choose from once the steam summer...

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    Mass Effect 3 ending sucks BIG TIME!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 March 2012

      With the uproar over the ending, I was expecting something absolutely terrible. Instead, what I got was a pretty cool final mission that culminated the relationships made over three games with an underwhelming ending. It was nothing shocking to someone who endured the endings of the first two Mass Effect games.   It's like they wrote a choose your own adventure trilogy only to...

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    Vote Here! gamrConnect Most Wanted: December Edition!

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 November 2011

    1) Journey (PS3) 2) Last Guardian (PS3) 3) Starhawk (PS3) 4) Borderlands 2 (PC) 5) Mass Effect 3 (PC)...

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    Welcome Back MontanaHatchet!

    in Website Topics on 28 November 2011

    edit: way too late...

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    Piracy as viewed by Newell (Again)

    in PC Discussion on 28 November 2011

    Gabe has a point. I can pretty easily accept that piracy is a non-issue for valve. More than anything, Gabe realizes that antagonizing pirates is a losing battle because of how easily offended PC gamers are to any notion of wrongdoing.  I also agree part of the problem is that the pirated product is in many cases better than the bought product. The biggest 'better' will always be a pricetag...

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    Welcome Back MontanaHatchet!

    in Website Topics on 28 November 2011

    Welcome back. Good to see a bunch of older members post in this thread as well....

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    Steam autumn sale is a go!

    in PC Discussion on 27 November 2011

    I've picked up the Oddworld pack ($3.50), Chronicles of Riddick ($5), and Civ V goty ($17). Not a bad haul....

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    The Official Dark Souls Thread - .....It Begins

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 October 2011

    Good job on the OP xxain. Can't wait for this game, I need to get all my homework done today so I can play DS all day tommorow...

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    Vote for your favorite American (US) Finals! -- Results are in!

    in General Discussion on 21 September 2011

    +3 badgenome +2 Euphoria14 + Patricipation Ribbon makingmusic476 +3 makingmusic +2 Euphoria 14...

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    The forums are stagnating - what should be done about it?

    in Website Topics on 04 August 2011

    When I feel like reading/posting about video games, neogaf is a better forum in terms of layout, users, and moderation. edit: also makingmusic makes long posts that could be summarized in one paragraph....

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    Lots of 3DS games cancelled. A worrisome trend?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 July 2011

    There is a lot more competition in the portable space today than when the DS was released. There are numerous smartphones, tablets, and other devices that are challenging the stranglehold that Nintendo once had on mobile gaming. Just showing up and expecting people to buy in will not work. ...

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    How Well Do You Run The Wticher 2?

    in PC Discussion on 31 May 2011

    1680x1050, high settings, ubersampling and ssao (i think) turned off. 40-60 frames with c2q @ 3ghz, HD 4890 @ 930/1040...

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    Next Call of Duty to have Premium Online Features

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 May 2011

    So the most finacially successful game of 2010 is getting an optional subscription model? Can Kotick and Co stop pretending this is a 'covering extra costs' thing? They know people are willing to pay more than $60/year to play the latest COD game with extra features and would rather make even more money than provide extra features for free. If you needed any more proof that Activision wants to...

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    The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings - Hype express train

    in PC Discussion on 21 May 2011

    Fun game, runs well on my overclocked 4890/c2q @720p. The comat has definately taken a page from Demon's Souls. I've only beat the prologue, but I can say that the combat is massively better than witcher 1.  Since this killed the first for me, I couldn't be happier with how they handled it this time around....

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    Sony hack could cost Sony $318 per account!?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 April 2011

    Update on the situation. Sony's losses may be worse than initially feared. This is bad....

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    The E-Peen thread

    in PC Discussion on 19 April 2011

    Intel Q6600 @ 3 GHz XFX 4890 1gb overclocked  4gb DDR2 - 1000 OSX86 10.6.7 and Windows 7...

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