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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VGChartz WARHAWK bi-weekly league.


When (Date): We now play weekly every Saturday, despite what the title says.

When (Time): Approximately 4PM EDT (a conversion table is provided below in this post).

Duration: Undetermined. The variables are people's participation and participants' patience. When I host the game, I have to shutdown for a period of no more than 5 minutes when I want to switch from a player type server to a dedicated one and vice versa or if I have to change the host settings to correct a mistake. If enough people don't show back up during the next game to have decent teams, then the server will be shut down. Currently, we have been playing until 6:30PM EDT. However, if someone shows up after 6PM because they are from a timezone that makes it difficult to show up "on time", I try to keep us playing so that we finish the game we are in and play 1 overtime game. After 6:30 PM, if there is enough interest, someone else could set up a server to replace mine. Map pack games start at about 5:30 PM. If you don't have any show up before then. The first map pack is Omega Dawn, besure to arrive before 6PM if you want to play it. Broken mirror is usually played after 6PM.

Server: vgchartz1 (add it to your favorites). If it is full or does not exist yet, feel free to create it, using the suggested hosting guidelines. The password for my server will be: league . This password will remain stable unless we start having problems with people we don't know acting like jerks.

Who: Anyone of every skill level is welcome. We have people of every skill level. Most of us had not played the game for months before the league started up. Have patience with yourself (and others) and you will find a spot for yourself. PM me (with your PSN, country, timezone and map packs), Dogs rule, to be officially added to the list of players. If you're not on the list, its ok, it just adds confusion as to who you are, so please remedy the situation.

Why: To have fun, to meet and establish deeper relations with fellow VGCharterz and to get the most out of our purchase.


For those interested in hosting (Suggested server guidelines):

  • Please respect the naming convention for your server. If there is no room called vgchartz1, create it. If it is full, create vgchartz2 and so on;
  • Please use the common password ( league ) or if you must, use this thread to post your personal password;
  • Please use map sizes that best match the maximum players you can host;
  • Please use a wide variety of maps and match types;;
  • If your internet connection is unstable when hosting the maximum number the game says you can host, try hosting a little less people;
  • Always put map pack games at the end. The later it was released, the later it's appearance in your rotation (OD, BM, FS).

Suggested settings for hosting 24 player games:

Minimum players: 2
Spawn: 5 seconds

Use Wrench: yes
Enable Talk: yes
Team Switch: Yes
Allow split screen: yes
Balance Teams: yes
Friendly fire: I like 80% or less. It's a forgiving balance between having consequences to your actions and too many accidental kills.

Map Rotation(without map pack):
1. Death Match: Eucadia, Island Outpost or Badlands. Use the suggested number of players to select the proper map delimitation)
2. Zones: Same selection as DM;
3. CTF: If you are more than 16, all full sized maps are good;
4. Dogfight: any really, but I like to use Archipelos to get it out of the way;
5. Team Death Match: All, but be careful with Archipelagos to select a large map to make sure one team does not get stranded on an island.
6. Hero: Don't put much emphasis on Hero mode. Same as TDM;
7. Collection: Same as CTF. Eucadia Bridges and Archipelagos full are great options.

Make sure options such as number of points, collections, flag captures, kills, zone points are suitable (big, but winnable in the 30 minute time frame)

MAP pack games: Use any team based game, though if you chose zones make sure you keep a good map size.

A typical 2hour 30 minute game should have 7 games set up and be as follows:

Game 1: DM or TDM, which allows people to trickle in;
Game 2 through 4: Regular maps, team based modes;
Game 5: Omega Dawn, Team based modes;
Game 6: Broken Mirror, Team based modes;
Game 7: Fallen Star, Team based modes.

For a 12 player game, use the same guidelines, except using the smaller map delimitations with the following exeptions:
1. DM: same maps using at most half the available space;
2. Zones: Same maps, but make sure the delimitation has at least 2 zone flags. (Suggested map sizes of 16-20);
3. CTF: Same maps, at most half size.
4. Dogfight: Same;
5. TDM: avoid Archipelos.

If you can host more than 12 people and would like to be a regular contributor of hosting duties, please PM me.




to your PSN if you want a friendly reminder. :) His PSN is dawve30

Thank you for your interest and I hope you choose to participate. :)


(Time zone conversion table)

For those on the East coast of North America, start time will be 4pm EDT

For those on the west coast of North America, it will be start at 1 pm PDT.

For those in the UK and , the 4Pm (1600h) start time will be 9PM (2100H)

For those in central europe, the start time will be 9pm (2100H)

For Australians, the start time will be 7am (700H) in Melbourne on Sunday morning.


Here is a full list of people that have shown interest, their PSNs (if publicly disclosed in this Thread or the official PSN name thread), country (and estimated timezone), availability of Map Packs (1 being Omega dawn), Known to not have headset, and VGChartz username (plus link).


Disclosed PSN: Country: Map Pack? VGChartz Name:

Bowties Canada (EDT) 1 2 3 Dogs Rule

canadia99 Canada (EDT) 1 2 3 skip

Flow-C Brazil(EDT) 1 2 3 Flow

makingmusic USA (CDT) makingmusic476

idontrockirap Canada(CST) 1 2 3 ameratsu

djchuy USA(CDT) 1 2 3 Mirson

* N/A USA(N/A) iclim4

ecurbj USA(EST) ecurbj

dawve30 UK(BST) 1 2 3 dawve24

jipmg USA(EDT) 1 2 3 leo-j

Schnacky USA(EDT) 1 2 3 ssj12

ChronoTJM USA(PDT) 1 2 ChronotriggerJM

WoLoCo USA(PDT) 1 2 3 wenlan

Munkeh111 UK(BST) 1 2 Munkeh111

SamuelRS UK(BST) SamuelRSmith

BradyBunch USA(EDT) dgm6780

PrincePale USA(PDT) 1 PDF

Lone_Canis_Lupus USA(CDT) 1 Lone_Canis_Lupus

Yubitme USA(EDT) 1 2 yubitme

badgerfan20945 USA(EDT) 1 2 3 SlumsofOhio


SP3NCE1325 USA(EDT) xstonexcold316x

ckmlb USA(PDT) ckmlb

finalsquall Australia 1 2 finalsquall

Scruff7 UK(BST) 1 Scruff7

Al_Kickurass USA(PDT) 1 2 kasillas88


SoldierofVirtue USA(N/A) 1 thelastsoldier

Joeykanga (GMT+2) 1 2 3 Joeykanga


Ryuku USA(PDT) 1 sexybeast

Puzzleface USA(PDT) 1 2 3 Domo-Kun

hanafuda Japan(GMT+8) 1 2 3 hanafuda

aceninja007 USA(MDT)1 2 insomniac17

Rocketpig76 USA(PDT) rocketpig

Crymetyme USA(EDT) 1 crymetyme

BoilerMaker11 USA(EDT) BMaker11

TheGodOfWine  UK(BST) 1 2 3 GodofWine

N/A justforeggs

crash1423 USA(EDT) 1 2 crash1423

ThreeLeggedFreak USA(EDT) FilaBrasileiro

shaqpack USA(EDT) 1 2 jerseyboy609

xHammerDin0116x USA(EDT) 1 alucardremixed

madcom88 Ecuador(ECT) 1 2 madcom8888

Bushido USA(Arizona Standard time) 1 2 epsilon72

Naznatips USA(EDT) naznatips

Vagabond7 USA(CDT) 1 2 3 The_vagabond7

CDiablo USA(EDT) CDiablo

killa-c Canada chapset

The_FPS NA 1 2 FatPigSkank

n/a USA TheGza

RectumHumper Canada Epoch

blu-oni Canada(MDT) sharv33n

franco-br Brazil(EDT) kibebr

GJ23 UK(BST) 1 2 3 GJ23

marciosmg Brazil (EDT+3) marciosmg

*The first field is the PSN name followed by a space, the person's disclosed location (and estimated time zone), a 1 if they have Omega dawn (2 will be for Broken Mirror) and there profile.

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Lets all just play right now dude.. I want to kill all of you in warhawk!!



I might play, but I just got GT 5 P, and RSV 2 (and I still have BP and LGS to play) i will be playing when the new expansion is released, so I will play occassionally

Everyone on that list, be expecting a request from me.

I do own Warhawk but haven't spent more than 2 hours on it. I couldn't see the fun in it, perhaps I'll play it a bit more now.

I'm picking up a headset

"I think we need to discuss the rules that we want. Do we want friendly fire (could be interesting since we have password control over players)? What game modes do we want? Do we want to randomize teams after each match?"

All of them, 4 maps rotation, randomly assigned each saturday
Yes please

And leo, i'm down for some warhawk right now if u want

Flow -"The important is to pwn other ppl"

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PSN ID is jipmg

message me if you have omega dawn, I dont have the head set though, but I will play warhawk with you if you want(please dont add me if your not going to talk to me, because I will delete you).



Just added you, and I don't have omega dawn

Flow -"The important is to pwn other ppl"

SamuelRSmith said:
Everyone on that list, be expecting a request from me.

I do own Warhawk but haven't spent more than 2 hours on it. I couldn't see the fun in it, perhaps I'll play it a bit more now.

I'm picking up a headset

I'm in a similar boat, but I have less then 15 hours. I really wanted to maximise my use out of it though, so this should be a great opportunity.



Dogs Rule said:
SamuelRSmith said:
Everyone on that list, be expecting a request from me.

I do own Warhawk but haven't spent more than 2 hours on it. I couldn't see the fun in it, perhaps I'll play it a bit more now.

I'm picking up a headset

I'm in a similar boat, but I have less then 15 hours. I really wanted to maximise my use out of it though, so this should be a great opportunity.



 What's your PSNID?

Make the map so I can join make it 12 vs 12