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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VGChartz WARHAWK bi-weekly league.

Anibody else for some warhawk right now? I'm making a room

room Flow-C, password vgchartz

Flow -"The important is to pwn other ppl"

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I didnt realize flow-C was this highly ranked in warhawk.. I might have a challenge after all.



My PSN is Bowties . My list is usually topped out though. If so, send a message.

my PSN is schnacky

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Damnit I'm at work >

From 0 to KICKASS in .stupid seconds.

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How do you search the game?



I might not be online for a few hours. My brothers are currently playing CoD.

One of my brother's is really pissed because his 360 just scratched his version of CoD4, and as far as we can tell, it's not part of Microsoft's disc replacement plan.

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ChronotriggerJM said:
Damnit I'm at work >< I wanna play warhawks with you guys!

That is why the purpose of the thread is to establish a schedule (and rules) we can all live with. :)


Can this be worthy of at least a temporary sticky? Perhaps a permanent one if we show consistancy in league participation? Thanks. 

i dont see your game, but i have mine filtered to under 150 ping. since you're in brasil im not sure how good of ping i will get.

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I assume only a small fraction of us own Omega Dawn, maybe we should not include that map on the rotation list.

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