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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - If Nintendo joins the club of paid online multiplayer, how would you take it?

Pretty badly, specially because is the only console company that still dont make that bullshit.

Boberkun said:
I wanna see shameful downfall of my beloved company.

You must be fun at parties.

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I wouldn't pay for it. Done paying for something that should be used as incentive to buy the game.

I don't play online multiplayer, so I don't care at all.
And of course I wouldn't pay for it.

Need something off Play-Asia?

Since I refuse to pay for Pokemon Bank, I probably won't pay for online multiplayer either.

Pretty negatively since I don't want to pay for online. But i would expect every game to now have online if they do try to make me pay for it. No more BS that you want to create N64 experience so we didn't do online. Now that we pay, you have to offer the option.


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No not really, I'm perfectly content with not having to do that on PC, so if Nintendo went that route I'd very likely just not play MP titles on the system at all. I'm well and truly past seeing a desire to pay for online play.


I don't play Nintendo games online so it wouldn't bother me, I get Nintendo consoles for splitscreen. Unless they offer more compelling online it wouldn't bother me if it was paid or not.

I'd fucking welcome it with open arms. But it needs to be fucking DECKED out. Tons of features and it needs to be easy to use. Every online game needs to have a dick ton of modes and options, including competitive and casual. And the experience in the actual game needs to be nearly flawless. I get less than 30 ping consistently, but you sure wouldn't know it when playing a Nintendo game online. I even have that mothertrucker hooked up to ethernet. Starting price of $25 a year. $5 for a month.

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Depends. I don't complain about Nintendo's lackluster online so I'm pretty indifferent but for people who bitch about it -- that's the price you have to pay for a good online experience.

Would skip the generation entirely and probably just go PC only...

Two of my favorite games, MK and SSB, can't stand on offline alone... Specially MK... So paying $60 for a lackluster offline play and then paying for online where those two games really start being worth it is nonsense at best for me. Thanks for no thanks would be my reaction

It's one of the biggest reasons I havn't got a ps4 yet where as I got a ps3 well before this point in the cycle during the last generation


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