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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - If Nintendo joins the club of paid online multiplayer, how would you take it?

Nintendo would need to push for more online games, otherwise they could charge much less then competitors.

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If they do hopefully it's like ps+ and you pay for online and the games of the month only. If downloading games, party chat, streaming and online on f2p games are still free I think that's better for the teansition.

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then good bye nintendo forever

I'm guessing it will be accepted after some initial complaints.

I would take it with lots of vaseline.

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Hell no. I'm completely against it, and if they forced it I would just quit playing games online for the system.



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I'd be pissed but I'd probably pay for it because of smash bros

Would be sad but would only buy Single player oriented games from them just like I do on other platforms.


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PC, final answer. My current build can run anything on medium settings at the least, so I'm fine with that

Would be pathetic but won't happen.