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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - If Nintendo joins the club of paid online multiplayer, how would you take it?

I don't care anymore. Nintendo can do what they want. Paid online, compulsory Amiibos use, 60$ t-shirts with Kimishima's face on them, genderless Peach sex simulator for Android. I wanna see shameful downfall of my beloved company.

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I would hate it and not use it.

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I know i would not pay for it ever. So it might make me not get the console, maybe I would get it for the single player games later on.

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I think badly.

Having some extra, paying version of My Nintendo for access to the VC store could be acceptable, but not for paying for network/internet access.

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Maybe it wouldnt be so bad if they would offer older nintendo games on VC with this subscription, it should also be cheaper something like 30 bucks

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I would be against it since online for games like Splatoon is already pretty good and I'm really not a fan of monthly subscriptions :/

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nintendo hasn't been my main console since the NGC so paying service would just make me not buy the NX since I already pay for psplus

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Alot of people buy a nintendo console as a 2nd console.
They wont pay for a extra online subscription for a system that doesnt have alot of online games going for it.

So basically.... what would happend is Mario kart's and Splatoons sales would drop.

Depends on whether they give away monthly games or not.
With the Wii U and 3DS, they simply don't have enough third party support to offer such a policy.
If the NX gets stronger third party support, such a policy would be good.

Absolutely not. I won't support Nintendo if they go that route.

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