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Forums - Music Discussion - Music legend Prince has died, aged 57

I was conceived to Prince. RIP

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2016 has been brutal. I was hoping this was a hoax.

Carl2291 said:
TheBlackNaruto said:
I think this was confirmed to be Fake earlier today. Thank goodness.

His publicist just confirmed it to the associated press.

See I had just read this one and thought it was fake. That is super sad! Awwww man!

The absence of evidence is NOT the evidence of absence...

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Just seen on Twitter: "2016 appears to have been written by George R R Martin"

That's 3 so far this week. The rule of 3's holds true it seems, celebrity deaths always seem to come in 3's.

RIP Prince. 

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This is devastating. One of the great musical talents of the last 40 years.

Prince was one of those musicians I wanted to listen to as he got older and experimented more with sound.

Rest in peace.

What a shame, an absolutely brilliant artist gone far too soon

Rest in peace.


Confirmed now, pretty sad. I personally was never really fond of his music, but obviously I recognize that he was one of the greats. My condolences to those he leaves behind.


*utter shock and disbelief*