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Forums - Music Discussion - Music legend Prince has died, aged 57

foodfather said:
Honestly was never really drawn to his music. Looked a little too weird for me. Purple Rain was good though, both song and movie. RIP

Well Purple Rain was by far his best album and one of the best albums and soundtracks from the 80s all the songs on it are good.  The only albums from the 80s I would rank ahead of it are Thriller, Bad and Appetite for Destruction.

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How the **** did he die?????

2016 seems to be the year the legends die. Rip.

StreaK said:
How the **** did he die?????

He had the flu

Really sad, I grew up with his music...this is what it sounds like when doves cry

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One of the best musicians of the last decades. Loved his music.

Favorite albums: Sign o' the Times, Purple Rain, Parade, 1999, Around the World in a Day, Lovesexy, Diamond and Pearls.

R.I.P. - little BIG man.

You know your getting old when all the celebrities you grew up with are passing on. RIP Prince. Your music will live on forever.


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Musically he was insanely talented, could play every instrument.

That said I was always more of a Michael Jackson fan, but Prince had a lot of great songs.

TMZ is reporting a drug overdose may have had something to do with his death for what its worth.

Chris Hu said: When it comes to solo artist in the 80s only Micheal Jackson was more successful and popular.

I'd add Madonna and Whitney Houston to that list, really crazy to think 3 of those 4 are gone :( 

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