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Forums - Music Discussion - Music legend Prince has died, aged 57

snyps said:
ground shaking moment

I own the CD of Purple Rain for over 15 years.  Someone in my family even bought the vinyl shortly after it was released when I was still living in Germany.  Never owned the movie.  But I will buy it now even if I don't like the movie it should be worth it just for the performances in the movie and the eight music videos that are included on the blu ray.

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I'm still shocked. He died in his home, but all alone, in an elevator...

Listening to his songs all evening.

So many brilliant songs most people don't even know, like "Positivity" (from LoveSexy) or "Joy in Repetition" (from Graffiti Bridge) or "Insatiable" (from Diamond and Pearls - one of his many great power ballads about love and sex).

Pro-tip for owners of LoveSexy (one of his best albums - unfortunately he decided to release it as one track version only, meaning the whole album is in fact only one track on vinyl/CD/download and you can't listen to the 9 different tracks separately or skip back and forth between them; imo this caused this great album to be overlooked in the long run): (instructions in forum posts 7 and 18 on how to separate the songs on the LoveSexy album on iTunes - works flawlessly, I just did it with my ripped CD)

What makes his death even sadder for fans like me: He made himself already disappear when he was alive. Because he wanted to.

Unfortunately this means that it's nearly impossible to watch or post one of his own live concerts or even old MTV videos (he decided to let anything erase from the web already years ago), but watch Prince stealing the show from 03:27 onwards in this otherwise tame live version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps": (the young guy behind Prince is George Harrison's son Dhani). The end of the video is hilarious. Like a boss.

Still waiting for reactions from his former associates (Wendy & Susanna Melvoin, Lisa Coleman, Sheila E., Eric Leeds, Bobby Z., his two ex-wives etc.). They must be devastated right now.

Well his second wife Manuela Testolini who is now married to Eric Benet and has two daughters with him says she is going to build a school in his honor.  Also his first wife Mayte Garcia said in a 2015 interview that her relationship with Prince kinda screwed her for life but that she will always love him.  Plus one of his first loves Vanity who ironically also died when she was 57 years just a couple of month ago said that Prince was really the only true love of her life.  Vanity live post Price was pretty tragic she had a sever drug addiction that caused her to loose both her kidneys which eventually was the main cause of her death since her transplant kidney failed on her.  Plus she was was married to a guy for one year ex NFL player Anthony Smith  who later became a arsonist and serial killer.

Im sorry! I just couldnt.........

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Well since his body got creamated that joke kinda didn't work out.

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Chris Hu said:

Well since his body got creamated that joke kinda didn't work out.

The beautiful ones ... always smash the picture.

"You should be banned. Youre clearly flaming the president and even his brother who you know nothing about. Dont be such a partisan hack"

IkePoR said:
Chris Hu said:

Well since his body got creamated that joke kinda didn't work out.

The beautiful ones ... always smash the picture.

Always every time


Also the beautiful ones was the title of the memoir he was working on.

Was never a big fan, but big fan of the songs I knew. Hope is resting in the purple sky tonight.

The 1980s was one of the great decades for popular music. Another 1980s icon is gone but legends will live on through their music.