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Forums - Music Discussion - Music legend Prince has died, aged 57

Great musician, Always enjoyed listening to a little Prince now and then.

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Honestly was never really drawn to his music. Looked a little too weird for me. Purple Rain was good though, both song and movie. RIP


Rip,true legend.

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God I hate this year. R.I.P.


I really liked his earlier more funkier stuff before purple rain. RIP

I am a Nintendo fanatic.

Too soon, soulful brotha. Salute!

There's another genius that died too early.

Loved seeing him everytime when he was around... I guess I need to start looking for new favorites.
The man knew how to bring the party...

May he rest in peace.

Sad news one of the greatest musicians of all times. Purple Rain was one of the best albums of the 80s plus one the best soundtrack albums ever. The movie was pretty good also Gene Siskel had it at number 5 and Roger Ebert had it at number 10 on their top ten movies of 1984. When it comes to solo artist in the 80s only Micheal Jackson was more successful and popular.