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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS4/PC: I Am Setsuna

was not expecting to see this on Steam. Super excited now. Game looks great.


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I feel it's a game that's really made for me :)

No Vita version... The name is horrible too. :(

Why no Vita version? Dammit.
Didn't like the westetn name too much as well, could be only "Setsuna".

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I'll make sure to check this one when it's released on Steam.

Well, looks like I won't be getting this game since it's not coming on the Vita. Oh well, I wasn't super interested in it anyways. Now it made my decision easier.

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Didn't this come out already on PS4 in February in Japan?
That really surprised me as there seemed to be little marketing behind it.

I wanted to play this on Vita, but i will get it down the line on PS4 i guess...

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Wait its coming to PC/Steam in the west!?

This is great :D


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