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daactualfact said:
leo-j, that's pure bull what you're saying. (no offense.)

If Gta San Andreas on Ps2 managed 15 mil on a 120 mil userbase lifetime, I don't see that happening for a 35 mil userbase at all, no matter how big the game is.

You are so right. A LOT of people are seriously overestimating GTA4. 

15 Million copies sold on a userbase of 120 million equates to about 12,5%. Seeing as how the Xbox 360/PS3 userbase will be around 35 million by GTA4's release,  12,5% of that is roughly 4,38 million.  Haha. XD

It'll probably be more than that, duh, but still, nowhere near as big as a lot of people seem to think. 

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The only way I see wii fit selling 10million is if other game come out utilizing the board but don't actually sell the baord with their game.

Therefore it would force people into buying Wii fit so they can get the board for games like snowbaording skatebaording etc..

GTAIV will not sell 16million. Just peopel alot of "internet" people are hyped about it doesn't mean the general public is. 50% attach rate is way over the top.



I don't think Patcher has any credibility left. Wii Fit has already sold 1.5 million units and its only been released in a single country...


I believe gta 4 will surpass 10 million. I think wii fit will aswell, however it'll take wii fit longer to get to that milestone.

Pachter is such an idiot. Listen to what he says, he's predicting only 11 to 12.5 million PS3 LTD worldwide by the end of the year. He's obviously pulling numbers out of his ass while he sits there.

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I say both very possible! 16 mil for GTA 4, i think it will definately do... combined ofcourse


Wii Fit will make 10 million next year.

@ FishyJoe

It will be close. GTA is a much more popular franchise than Halo.

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I think WiiFit will have a lifetime attach rate of better than 30%. You guys do the math.



lol ,this is a joke isn't it?

This fills me with confidence. If Pachter says it - he is *definitely* wrong, and it will easily top 10m ;)


I still think WiiFit will hit 10m THIS YEAR. It will remain selling 30k-50k/week in Japan + Xmas - seeing it hit around 3m by end of '08.

WiiFit will be massive in Europe - my only Q is how much Ninty can produce. It should sell 1m in the opening 2 weeks, and should do 3m also by the end of '08.

In the end, I think the spread of sales will be similar to the Wii install base spread - WiiFit will basically be a sellout up to the end of '08 (will see what happens next year).

For 10m sales end of '08 - take away the 1.5m in Japan (8.5m) - which is still around 200k/week produced/sold. This seems in the realm of probable production targets IMO.


Pachter is not only going to be wrong on this one - he will be DEAD wrong.

As for GTA - 16m seems very reasonable for a "non-casual" title like GTA. 11-12m on 360, 5-6m on PS3? Quite possible.

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