Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Patchter thinks wii fit will not sell 10 million units,

Maybe he means GTA4 could top 16 if it could have a Wii version xD lol
He talks if 10 millions were poor sales for Wii fit
I think it could end with 2-2.5 lifetime on Japan, 2-5 depending the marketing NOA does in America and 3-4 Europe
Also if starts appearing Wii balance board Wii ware games, it support could be going to the roof

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shams said:
This fills me with confidence. If Pachter says it - he is *definitely* wrong, and it will easily top 10m ;)


I still think WiiFit will hit 10m THIS YEAR. It will remain selling 30k-50k/week in Japan + Xmas - seeing it hit around 3m by end of '08.

WiiFit will be massive in Europe - my only Q is how much Ninty can produce. It should sell 1m in the opening 2 weeks, and should do 3m also by the end of '08.

In the end, I think the spread of sales will be similar to the Wii install base spread - WiiFit will basically be a sellout up to the end of '08 (will see what happens next year).

For 10m sales end of '08 - take away the 1.5m in Japan (8.5m) - which is still around 200k/week produced/sold. This seems in the realm of probable production targets IMO.


Pachter is not only going to be wrong on this one - he will be DEAD wrong.

As for GTA - 16m seems very reasonable for a "non-casual" title like GTA. 11-12m on 360, 5-6m on PS3? Quite possible.

 Patcher was talking about sales in 08, I doubt Wii Fit will sell 10 million copies this year.

And remember, Patcher said that GTA4 will not sell 16 million this year.  Joel just said it wrong. 


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leo-j said:
GTA 4 is going to have the biggest attach rate ever, every sinle PS360 owner(atleasr 50%) will buy that game, they should have a combined base of over 35million, so 16M is very possible combined.

Is this the 50% of PS3 users that didn't but it only as a Blu-Ray player? No way 50% of PS3 users, maybe 360.

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What does he know anyway. He said in a Gametrailers interview that he doesn't even play games that much. Wii Fit will hit 10 million worldwide and I am sure of that.


I agree with Patcher on this one. Well maybe I'd up GTA4 to 18 mil though.

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ZaP~ said:
He talks if 10 millions were poor sales for Wii fit
I think it could end with 2-2.5 lifetime on Japan

it already has 1.7mil in 16 weeks and still sells at 67% attach rate (lowest so far this year) to wiis

how is it only gonna end up at 2mil or 2.5mil?  it'll hit 2mil in Japan by the time it launches in US (May) and it'll hit over 3mil in Japan by end of holiday season, prolly more

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Wii will sell 18-20mil by 12/31/07  CHECKWii will sell 45mil+ WW by 12/31/08Wii will surpass PS2 sales WW by 11/17/11 (5yr anniversary)Wii Fit will hit 12mil sales in 2009MKWii+SSBB+Wii Fit+SMG > 50 mil sales by 2010 > gta4+mgs+gt5+ff13+haze+lbp

I think in Japan you can compare Wii Fit quite well with Wii Sports which was released one year earlier. Wii Sports hit 2.7 million by the end of 2007, and Wii Fit is currently tracking 40 % higer than Wii Sports, so it can probably hit 3.5 million by the end of 2008 -- when Nintendo are going to release their next ubercasual title. I wonder if Miyamoto made Wii Music big enough to fill those footprints or if they have something else up their sleeves?

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Im sure he says by the end of the year 360 will sell 20-25mil and PS3 half as many. That would make year end PS3 sales at only 10-12.5 million..

GTA4 won't sell that much. And I don't think Wii-Fit will sell 10 mil either.