ZaP~ said:
He talks if 10 millions were poor sales for Wii fit
I think it could end with 2-2.5 lifetime on Japan

it already has 1.7mil in 16 weeks and still sells at 67% attach rate (lowest so far this year) to wiis

how is it only gonna end up at 2mil or 2.5mil?  it'll hit 2mil in Japan by the time it launches in US (May) and it'll hit over 3mil in Japan by end of holiday season, prolly more

Bets:Missed by 420k I bet leo-j vg$500 that wii will sell 31 million by 7/31/08.  Sorry, I don't think he has enough vg$ to make it with all of u that wish you could. Hit, with room to spare I bet kingofwale a 1-week ban that wii Americas ltd sales>360 Americas ltd sales as of the numbers for week ending 7/05/08 (using vgchartz homepage #s)


Wii will sell 18-20mil by 12/31/07  CHECKWii will sell 45mil+ WW by 12/31/08Wii will surpass PS2 sales WW by 11/17/11 (5yr anniversary)Wii Fit will hit 12mil sales in 2009MKWii+SSBB+Wii Fit+SMG > 50 mil sales by 2010 > gta4+mgs+gt5+ff13+haze+lbp