Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Patchter thinks wii fit will not sell 10 million units,

Those are both reasonable caps, what's the problem?

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More 360 owners are going to buy GTA than Halo 3? I don't think so.

Wii Fit is a wild card. It is almost impossible to determine how successful it will be.

GTA4 will not beat San Andreas. I'm guessing around 11-12 million lifetime. 7-8 million on 360, 3-4 million on PS3.

wii fit will 10 million, but not this year. it will have legs like an ethiopian olympic runner.

Another one of Patcher's "bold prediction."s

Lemme tell you something. If I said the Wii will sell under 200 million units, and the PS3 under 100 million lifetime, is that a "bold prediction"?

Sounds like something Patcher'd say, anyway.

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>>On its own, Wii Fit has a limited appeal<<


to gamers. 


To the mass market, Wii Fit is in an d of itself, a wide appeal item. 

the problem with Wii fit is that it's not quite a game, more like accessory.
So, if Wii is really here to stay for four more years I could see it easily reach 10M mark.

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leo-j said:

He also thinks GTA 4 will end up with only 16 million copies sold:

He did not say that.

He said Wii Fit will not see 10 million this year and he doesn't think any game will sell 10 million this year.

He thinks GTA4 will sell 9-10 million this year and maybe a little more.  I stated very clearly that GTA4 will not sell 16 million this year.

leo-j, maybe you want to listen better before you create new threads? 


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Hmm Wii Fit not hitting 10 million is plausible but GTA IV getting 16 million is kinda not as high of percentage. I mean he must be suggesting that this title will push numerous PS3's and 360's, have amazing attach rates, and dominate for many months to come.

It's gonna be the other way around

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