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shams said:
This fills me with confidence. If Pachter says it - he is *definitely* wrong, and it will easily top 10m ;)


I still think WiiFit will hit 10m THIS YEAR. It will remain selling 30k-50k/week in Japan + Xmas - seeing it hit around 3m by end of '08.

WiiFit will be massive in Europe - my only Q is how much Ninty can produce. It should sell 1m in the opening 2 weeks, and should do 3m also by the end of '08.

In the end, I think the spread of sales will be similar to the Wii install base spread - WiiFit will basically be a sellout up to the end of '08 (will see what happens next year).

For 10m sales end of '08 - take away the 1.5m in Japan (8.5m) - which is still around 200k/week produced/sold. This seems in the realm of probable production targets IMO.


Pachter is not only going to be wrong on this one - he will be DEAD wrong.

As for GTA - 16m seems very reasonable for a "non-casual" title like GTA. 11-12m on 360, 5-6m on PS3? Quite possible.

 Patcher was talking about sales in 08, I doubt Wii Fit will sell 10 million copies this year.

And remember, Patcher said that GTA4 will not sell 16 million this year.  Joel just said it wrong. 


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