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Forums - Music Discussion - What are you currently listening to?

I was listening to background noise of people talking, but now it's Shiokaze no Harmony

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First Aid Kit

Missy Elliott

Run the Jewels


Cut Chemist

Heartless Bastards

Best Coast

Not a fan of music. I rarely listen to music, and if I do, it's close to perfect and has meaning(Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, final fantasy soundtrack, etc)



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Rap, right now I'm listening to some Method man and Redman songs.


Ella Fitzgerald

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I'm really liking some tunes from Dangan 2. Those are pretty catchy...



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Been listening to this lately:


I was listening to some songs from these following OSTs while working out.

-Final Fantasy IX
-Pokemon Yellow
-Star Ocean Till The End of Time


Basil's YouTube Channel


Leave me alone - Fidlar
In the aisle - Violent Soho
Incinerate - Sonic Youth
Gouge Away - Pixies