Forums - Politics Discussion - Is God's existence objectively verifiable?

Well, is it objectively verifiable?

Yes 57 15.20%
Not Sure 20 5.33%
No 244 65.07%
What's objective mean? 16 4.27%
Results 38 10.13%

It is my position that no amount of subjective evidence would be sufficient to prove a claim. 

Since subjective evidence is mere opinion, it serves no function in matters of truth. For example, suppose I claim to have seen Bigfoot. Someone else makes the same proclamation. So on and so forth...would this be convincing to anybody? I should hope not.  The reason for this is because the subject is unable to self-confirm his or her experiences. The subject can be mistaken, can hallucinate, can have invalid sensory interpretation. 

Now contrast this with the objective - that which is not subject to interpretation. For example, suppose I had filmed the 9/11 terror attacks. No one can argue that two planes did not collide with the WTC because it's right there on video. (ignoring the possibility of doctored videos, which can be detected anyway)

Now, can anyone think of objective evidence for the existence of God? If so, please share it. I would be supremely interested in it.

EDIT: Can we stop with the "Oh look an atheist" posts? At least make an effort to address the topic at hand here. This is a question that should interest anyone.

EDIT: Any God concept is fine, just specify especially if it's not the standard Abrahamic variety.

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You're an atheist, we get it.

No because its an idea. Its called belief. And that isn't tangible enough for physical objective proof. And because God's attributes are all entirely subjective themselves the question doesn't rven apply.

An undetectable god sure seems an awful lot like a nonexistent one.

Rehashed topic ...

Can we disprove him ?

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Super string theory, up to ten dimensions and I think according to the idea once you get up to the sixth and seventh it may be possible, to my understanding anyway.

If there was currently some objective evidence for the existence for god it would be front and centre and the weak arguments used currently by many well known theist during debates would be sidelined.

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The problem is that it is claimed to be a supernatural creature that works outside of time and space as we know it. It is then very easy for anyone who believe in its existence to claim it because we can never disprove it. But the moment the believers, or holy texts, claim to have physical evidence of god, then he seizes to be a creature outside of our realm.

So if we were to prove that a god existed, it would be through scientific methodology and therefore god would be a creature limited by natural laws and a scientific entity, not a supernatural one. Therefore it stands to reason that god does not exist since he cannot be a supernatural entity governed by natural laws and is only a figment of people's imagination.

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