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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Lair Overhyped by VGChartz Members???

Is Lair just overhyped by VGchartz members?

According to "gamfaqs" poll, Lair comes in 7th out of 8th most anticipated games for the PS3.


This seems very low for, as some PS3 fans have stated, the next big PS3 system seller. 

This poll also shows that 3 out of 5 most anticipated games are available on the 360, it also shows how big of a dent MS would make if it stole FF or MGS4.

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Yes, Lair has been massively overhyped by Sony apologists clamoring for a hit game. It's not the type of game that will attract people in large numbers to a console. To compare it to the 360 lineup, I would put it somewhere at the Bioshock level of interest. It has a niche following and may be a great game, but there isn't a lot of mass consumer interest in it. For the PS3/360, I'd put system sellers in this order:

1. GTA IV (will move units for both systems)
2. Halo 3
3. Blue Dragon
4. Heavenly Sword (somehow not even on that list)
5. Mass Effect
6. Uncharted
7. Bioshock/Lair

I intentionally left off Lost Odyssey because I'm still not certain that it will even release this year, despite promises from Mistwalker.

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Bioshock will sell a lot, but it's a niche genre that won't appeal to a huge community and therefore will not sell many consoles by itself. It's more of a game that caters to the hardcore. Trust me, I'm not bashing the game at all. I'm looking forward to it as much as I am Halo.

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I would call it the "exclusive game problem" ...

For the most part, the only interesting games that are going to be released on the PS3 in 2007 are multiplatform games; at the same time, most of the interesting exclusive games for the PS3 are not going to be released until sometime in 2008. The result of this problem is that pretty average exclusive games get over hyped in an attempt to make the PS3's line-up sound better than the XBox 360's this year.

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I think it will come in around 1-1.5m copies. Close to Dead Rising/Lost Planet numbers. Enough to make it a success for Irrational.

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I've heard alot about bioshock and it doesn't appeal to me. Blue dragon should be below Mass effect

Look at how much Motorstorm was hyped. The greater the hype, the bigger the disaapointment.

Blue Dragon won´t sell that much. It is not a FF type of game, more like a DQ game. FF sells very well in USA and Europe, DQ sells decently I would say 500k tops. Bioshock, 1 million tops. Lair, probably as much as Resistance, or maybe a bit less. A million seller but not a system seller My opinion on Top 10 for 360/PS3 Halo 3 GTA IV ( Maybe 2 systems, but that has an enormous appeal on casulas, but the price points of the consoles isn´t for casuals yet) Assasins Creed ( Sounds revolutionary, and is in both consoles) Mass Effect ( A perfect appeal for 360 owners, 2 million at least) Bioshock/Uncharted/R&C/Heav.Sword/Lair ( probably between 500k and 1 million)