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Blue Dragon won´t sell that much. It is not a FF type of game, more like a DQ game. FF sells very well in USA and Europe, DQ sells decently I would say 500k tops. Bioshock, 1 million tops. Lair, probably as much as Resistance, or maybe a bit less. A million seller but not a system seller My opinion on Top 10 for 360/PS3 Halo 3 GTA IV ( Maybe 2 systems, but that has an enormous appeal on casulas, but the price points of the consoles isn´t for casuals yet) Assasins Creed ( Sounds revolutionary, and is in both consoles) Mass Effect ( A perfect appeal for 360 owners, 2 million at least) Bioshock/Uncharted/R&C/Heav.Sword/Lair ( probably between 500k and 1 million)