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Someone at metacritic cleverly named it autism simulator. It was fun for about 1 hour but I felt no satisfaction after solving puzzles but rather relief. Mechanically the game feels wooden because you have no jumping and invisible walls everywhere. I would pay 3 euro for this game not 37. Thankfully my cousin's sister's in law daughter of cousin of bastard son gifted it to me on my secondary Steam account.

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In your opinion.


The PS5 Exists. 

I played FFXI for years and years.... and they had no jumping, because gameplay wise it served no purpose.
They lateron added it in FFXIV.... and it in no way improved the game any at all (just made it more like a wow mmo, people spam jumping and looking silly).

Invisible walls... are a issue, but its a production cost thing usually.

Seems like weird things to rate a game on.
If you didnt like the puzzles & exploration its probably more of a genre thingy (doesnt suit your tastes).

I thought you had a link or something saying this. But this was just based on invisible walls and no jumping? And some puzzles? That just seems odd I guess...

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Is not a big disappointment for everyone else. On 32 reviews has 90 on metacric. I don't take that as fact because i dont read reviews but for me looks a very beautiful and brilliant puzzle game. Its is very expensive thought.

On metacritic now. How someone can write that for a puzzle game and give it a zero? "" so annoying to solve damn puzzles that got me frustrating and thinking while solving puzzles. i really hate puzzle games""....... And thinking while solving puzzles? hahhahaahhaah
He can;t even think to solve a puzzle how he play it and write a review for?



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Read a thread about the game on neogaf.... everyone seemed to love it, and where gripped with excitement about every little discovery they made, and they would write posts in the thread saying what they found and how to solve this and that.

IGN rated it a 10 for a reason.
Judgeing from those people playing it on neogaf, the game doesnt disappoint.
Doubt its the "dissapointment" of 2016.

The Witness isn't a disappointment at all. Its niche granted, but it hits every spot that it is supposed to and more. It's not a disappointment just because its not your type of thing or you don't like it.

I have it and I think its a breath of fresh air to be honest. Some of the puzzles are extremely clever in how you have to work them out.

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90/100 at metacritic is actually really good.

Haven't got around it yet, but I'm always in for a good Myst-like...of course, you actually have to like Myst-likes to appreciate them, not sure if that the case with you m0ney.

it certainly won't be my game of the year 2016 but it is, except for the missing soundtrack maybe, what i expected it to be.