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Forums - Website Topics - Is this website actually SFW?

I don't have sigs disabled but I don't find too big of an issue with them...

some are definitely nsfw but I just ignore them and not look at it :p

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Wright said:
ClassicGamingWizzz said:
The amount of anime tits/azz/10yearoldanimegirls makes the site NSFW imo, one thing is for sure i didnt browse this in public when i didnt had adblock. Last year started to get annoying all these lolis etc, now its unbearable so i just use adblock to block these pics.


It's funny, because I still remember that signature of yours with a naked girl fully bathed in yoghurt, eating it while staring at the camera. You're the one to blame for the unsettling pics! You started the trend!


How do you know she was naked? You could only see the head. This is art my friend, ART  !!!


stop moping hell in 10 years this will the safest site anyones workplace will interact with

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pokoko said:

It kind of bugs me that the solution is as simple as turning off images but the response to that seems to be, "no, I don't want to make that effort, it's easier for me to meet my needs by making everyone else conform to an incredibly nebulous standard."

Maybe you didn't see the post, but someone brought up the point that disabling signatures requires you to be logged in, which you might not want to do on a public computer. Also, there is no ability to disable avatars. I think the solution someone else mentioned of having the default setting be "avatars and signatures disabled" and allowing logged in users to enable them makes the most sense.

You are completely correct.

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Why is Teeqoz banned?



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hershel_layton said:
Why is Teeqoz banned?


Requested. Math exame or something.

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Its not that big of a deal. Many users had much more inappropriate avatars a year ago before the rules were changed.


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Is my new avy SFW? Honest question.

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LipeJJ said:
Is my new avy SFW? Honest question.

It is, though it feels more like you're fishing for votes in the GU Tournament!


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