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I don't believe it will be more than a whimper.

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Vr is a natural progression of digesting content, nothing like the nintendo gimmicks.

It won't be as big as the wii


What you are describing isn't a gimminck, but rather a "fad", a sort of flash in the pan popularity. Personally, I think VR will be a complete opposite. It'll be a slow burner, building up over time.

VR is the biggest step in gaming in over two decades when it comes to visuals/immersion. So no, it's not a gimmick.

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Once it hits reasonable price with eye tracking and foveated rendering that will enable much better resolutions without insane GPUs (so probably 2nd or 3rd gen devices), I doubt most people who tried it will ever want to go back.

I don't think so.. VR will be something of the future because of the scope of this technology. There is so much you can do with VR and gaming can be part of it

That said, I won't be really popular until developing costs decrease and the price is good for the average consumer

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Thanks to it being on PC and as such always having a community of indies and porn makers it will not die like motion controls who were only carried by consoles and were basically at the mercy of the hardware providers.

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I give it until 2025 when it becomes full on popular and dirt cheap for all to use but as things stand it's not all that polished, not all that powerful and cheap as well. Personally I like VR as a concept but back in the 90's it never hooked me and felt like a fad (which turned out to be true) and still to this day I feel it's a bit of a fad but not as much, still I'm not as interested and willing to invest until at least 3-4 years when it's proven to be more than viable to the market.


VR is going to be huge, not just for gaming and entertainment (including VR cinemas in a few years) but also education and training.