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Considering the price I think it'll be a slow burn, not a fad or gimmick. Considering the sheer potential and the way even the same game can feel completely different in VR I don't see it going away but slowly growing through word of mouth. Not to mention the sheer amount of potential for the movie industry to completely transform.

As the price of entry decreases in a few years time and developers/movie studios learn how to use the tech, it'll really start to take off.

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Nem said:

Its going to die out pretty fast given the high prices. Maybe it won't even take off. The userbase will be too tiny to make big projects viable, so its a gimmick. Complete waste of time in my opinion aswell. Just like 3D technology, its something that comes and goes periodicly.



Comparisions to 3D tech make little sense to me. High prices aren't are only going to be a killing factor if all VR was out of range of the general public, but in reality that is not the case. You can get cheaper, although not as good, alternatives. VR wil live and die purely on how integrated with society the tech can become. First year sales for VR will just be about creating the base, the creators of the various VR devices have said as much.

2017 is really when we see whether VR can thrive or not. 

In its current form, I don't really understand the appeal, to me it is literally holding the screen right up to ur face, I don't understand how it's going to change the way games are played or create new genres.

The only benefit I can see is adding immersion by not being distracted by ur surroundings, but other than that it seems like a novelty to me.

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Next gimmick of gaming? Would be like saying "the TV is a gimmick of gaming". There are no ifs and buts. VR is way beyond this threshold.

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Nate4Drake said:
VR is true gaming immersion I hope it becomes the new standard !

Cannabis is true gaming immersion. At the rate it's getting legalized and games are being dumbed down vr might lose the race!