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    I feel like Uncharted 4 is the perfect game for people that alreadly think Uncharted is perfect.

    in Sony Discussion on 13 May 2016

    Alt removed ~ CGI...

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    Trump Says U.S. Should Shoot Russian Planes If Diplomacy Fails

    in General Discussion on 06 May 2016

    This is actually the only tactic that works on Ruskis. They act out you pay attention and they are happy, until they get a smack or two back they will keep acting out. In the cold war they would have never pulled such stunts, their was mutual respect and fear. Next time a US fighter should lock on and fire a few waning shots with there cannon. Will solve everything with out death of...

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    Europe, can't you integrate your immigrants? Austria see's huge spike in immigrant rape!

    in Politics Discussion on 06 May 2016

    As far as OP, they dont want to assimilate or integrate.  Their culture is not compatitable with western democracy.    Zkuq said: Integration takes time. Until there's evidence it's a long-term problem, I'm going to consider this a short-term problem that's pretty much going to solve itself. Unfortunate, yes, but shouldn't matter that much in the long run. So 2nd and...

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    See how humanity has recovered after the 1996 war against aliens (Independence Day Resurgence)

    in Movies Discussion on 04 May 2016

    spurgeonryan said: Will Smith skipped it for After Earth 2? Or one if the other poor choices he has made over the past decade. scuicide sqaud, so probably a much better decision....

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    Saudi Arabia outlines sweeping 15-year economic reform plan.

    in General Discussion on 30 April 2016

    Normchacho said: This is interesting. The Kingdom has a long way to go socially, but I think a lot of people would be surprised at what economics can do about that. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the middle east today (and especially SA) look a lot like Japan did 150 years ago. Huh  explain.   Economics wont change a hated driven violent idiology....

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    Saudi Arabia outlines sweeping 15-year economic reform plan.

    in General Discussion on 29 April 2016

    The biggest problem to any modernization will be their backwards cultural views. Its a bit hard to bring your economy thus society to modern times when much of your mentality is stuck in the 7th century. They lack education skills and any manufacturing, once again all will be held back due to their views and believes. Also the value of oil will not raise to full fill their needs, honestly...

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    Uncharted 4 is making me go digital...somewhat. 182 in costs euro instead!

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 April 2016

    John2290 said:   How pricey is your internet consumption and/or your digital games after the base price, Data cost? Is 80 euro per month for 250gb, justified? where the hell do you pay that ? I got unlimited for what converts to about 68 euro....

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    Let's discuss Trump

    in Politics Discussion on 29 April 2016

    Good chance he wins, the gov elite the typical business as usual musical chairs of politics has been rocked by him. people are sick and tired of the some old and are possibly going to vote him in. Is he a danger lol no, is he bad no. Will he do great things well that's doubtful not unless congress backs him. Hes honesty is truly fresh, compared to likes of to scare to say "islamic...

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    Is it time to worry about Austria? - UPDATE: Austria remains independent

    in Politics Discussion on 29 April 2016

    Its blatantly clear you are way to pc sensitive and unable to have a legitimate talk about this since you are calling them nazis, typical leftist strategy when lacking honest argument of merit and quality. Nazis is something the far left is closer to then the right. Shows exactly why voters are moving towards the right. The inability of the left to own up to and use facts see the truth and...

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    PS4 Neo makes sense

    in Sony Discussion on 24 April 2016

    Lets them sale a PS4 at 400$ while selling a PS4 at 200$ The richer markets and people will buy the more expensive one while the poor ones will buy the cheapest option. Gives them ability to sale at 400 to those that can afforded it while pandering to the masses with the cheapest version, they win either way no matter what the consumer chooses. ...

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    Microsoft in unique position to disrupt Sony's console reign

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 April 2016

    The only way to disrupt is to start a new gen early. ...

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    Two Explosions at Brussels Airport, Explosion at Maelbeek metro, at least 10 people died

    in General Discussion on 22 March 2016

    Crazy shit, but when you allow people who hate and want to kill you into your land this is what happens. Europes future are civil wars, or mass deportations now. ...

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    PSVR already selling out on Europe's online retails.

    in Sony Discussion on 16 March 2016

    Price is right, and enough PS4s out in the wild for success. no surprise. ...

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    So, PSVR, You in?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 March 2016

    d21lewis said: As soon as I see a game that interests me (I missed the announcement so there may already be something that catches my eye), I'll preorder and pay it off. Been waiting a long time for this! I ALMOST bought that personal 3D viewer back in like 2010. same here, but 1200 it woudl have cost me. held back by the skin of my teeth. ...

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    PSVR: Headset/MOVE/PS Camera Bundle Coming

    in Sony Discussion on 15 March 2016 there may be millions out there in the wild. ...

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    So, PSVR, You in?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 March 2016

    Azuren said: Question: Can I privately play my normal games on the PSVR, or does it HAVE to be virtual reality? you can watch movies and play regular games using psvr as a viewer, this function alone sold me on it no matter the price. ...

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    So, PSVR, You in?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 March 2016

    gergroy said: Nope, no intererest here... And judging by the responses in this thread and others... Sony has a long way to go to actually find a market for this thing... lol except this is vg and this thread means nothing.  ...

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    PSVR price: $399/399/349+more in OP, coming October

    in Sony Discussion on 15 March 2016

    KLAMarine said: I'm seeing people declare their intent to buy this after seeing the price... Shouldn't you guys take a look at the games that are compatible with this thing first? Gran Turismo and Ace Combat need not know any more after that....

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    Will VR gets an similar destiny like the Wii ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 February 2016

    Not even remotely similar, one was a fad the other is a evolution of content digestion. It will be used by all people like smartphones when the tech becomes the size of sunglasses. ...

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    Where would we be without Sony this gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 February 2016

    Id be end of gaming as we know it. ...

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