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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Has a cutscen ever been so emotional to bring out...

Tears? Anger? Frustration? Sympathy? Apathy? Empathy?

Anything at all? I'll give you one... After killing Ganon Twice, and then watching Minda Finnally Destroy Him was sort of sad... I almost was positive that Both were dead, but when the Freaking Castle Blew up, and Ganon just standing there with Minda's Head thing, and crushes it... That PISSED ME OFF!!! I played this bloody game for so long, finally beat you down with Minda, one of my Favorite Video Game Characters Ever, and you freaking KILL HER, and crush her Helmet just for laughs!!!! GOD!!!!



That one scene really pissed me off, and was probably the most attached That I ever was to a game! I actually felt like a real person who I had known for a long time had been killed right in front of me! (A I Insane?)

Luckily, He got what he deserved!



Have you ever had anything similar happen to you?

And Yes, I know I misspelled the Title!




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Kingdom hearts had some emotional cut scenes.



You know, you're supposed to say "spoilers" before you actually spoil the ending of the fucking game.


Edit: Word up.

^I like screwing People Over! (Just like Ganon God Dammit!)

Seriously, sorry if I Ruined the game for You... But I had MP:3 ruined for me... Not as Epic, but still.

EDIT: I Fixed It. 




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I'll admit it, first time I played through FFVII, the scene where Sephiroth kills Aerith (that may or may not be her name, whenever a game let's me name a character what I want I always take them up on it) really moved me, I had no idea it was coming.

p.s. yes I realize it's stereotypical, and probably a common answer.......bite me.


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Um these aren't really cutscenes , but they make the games seem so cool. If I didn't own a wii and these games I would buy one the next day.

FFX ending was emotional...

Even though I didn't like it

FF7 Aeris death was well done when he put her into the lake with the music in the background.

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The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask when the mask salesman, skull kid and Link are talking about how every meeting leads to an ending was pretty emotional.

FFX made me cry.

.hack//G.U. also made me cry.

The end of Disc 1 on Lost Odyssey almost did.

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I was shocked to see Midna as a hot Princess at the end. TP was a great game, these vids brought back some good memories for me!


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