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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Has a cutscen ever been so emotional to bring out...

The ending of Twilight Princess was the closest I ever came to a video game choking me up. Honestly, even that wasn't that close. I don't really cry during movies, games, anime, etc. I get touched, but I don't really cry. The anime ef: Tales of Memories came pretty close, as did Busou Renkin.

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I think only one person in this thread has commented on Majora's Mask so far. That game is by far the most emotional thing I've ever played. Every minute of it pulls at my emotions. If you really get into the game and think about what's going on and just truly immerse yourself in the experience, it's just amazing, and heartbreaking.

I really hope we get another Zelda game that takes after MM's mood, setting, and story type.

I've been trying to think of a cutscene that made me feel even a little bit emotional, and couldn't think of anything. Sorry. I have to admit, I haven't beat Twilight Princess yet, so maybe that will get to me. As for that cutscene from No More Heroes, I thought that was actually really funny. Travis is so pathetic in that game. Especially afterwards when they bury that girl. I could not take that seriously.

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