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For those complaining about spoilers - let people freely discuss the movies. If you don't want to be spoilt, do not get on the internet, in a topic about the movie on a message board.

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Lawlight said:
For those complaining about spoilers - let people freely discuss the movies. If you don't want to be spoilt, do not get on the internet, in a topic about the movie on a message board.

It's a bit different in this case. There was a guy with the main spoiler in his username (that I changed now) posting plot details in many threads, some of which were not related to Star Wars at all.

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If you don't want to be spoiled I suggest you stay out of the internet completely. Also, don't go on twitch. It's constantly being spoiled in many channels.

I saw it today in the cinema. I would give it a solid 7/10




Only read if you wanna know the reasons, and this may contain plot details

- it is a remake of episode 4. Nothing stand alone. But, ep. 4 is a solid 10/10, this is not

- the actors are not really convincing. I was reading that harrison ford is amazing. He is not, he is old, and him seeing in action is a joke. Kylo ren is the new villain...hmmm, a big package to be compared with darth vader. But THIS villain? He is a stupid kid, has boring scenes. Finn? Forget him, miscast. But good is rey.

- the characters: too many. Rey, finn, poe, kylo...ok, the new ones + the 3 original ones ... + snoke + mas kanada + chrometrooper + hux....thats all fine, but, how much screentime do they get? Snoke: 2 mins, chrometrooper: 1 min, hux 1 know what i mean...

- the jokes: i rolled my eyes. Funny yes, but misplaced. I cannot laugh when 1 minute before a galaxy was blown up

- plot holes: what exactly happened with the death star redux? Why was it exploding? Did i miss something here? Chrometrooper shuts down the shields...fine...and? Is there no security system? Is it enough when she pushes 3 buttons and then the entire weapon is unprotected cause the shields are down? Is there not at least something like a 4 eyes principle? You know, they need 2 keys turned at the same time? Why the hell is han solo the number 2 in the rebellion (after luke)? Even in the movie he is introduced as still the old smuggler. But suddenly he is the most known freedom fighter. General, yes, he was, but he was it 30 years ago. Leia is a general now...and? Who hunted her? What makes kylo ren a leader at the first order? He is terribly lame (gets his ass kicked by finn and then again by rey(untrained force user), while he was trained by snoke. He is winey, and talkes to the darth vader mask. Is the map to luke really not possible to decode? I mean its a clear star map (compared to prometheus, in which they trusted a cavepainting with 5 dots to raise a trillion dollar for a mission and found it). darth vader mask, where did he get it from? I mean, darth was burned secretly by luke in the woods 30 years ago? Noone was watching him doing it, no? In the woods, somewhere. Trust me, 1 rainy day after the burning and there is nothing left. Noone will ever find a mask. Who is snoke? What makes kylo ren a leader? Was the building of the death star redux not seen by anyone? No clones anymore?  


As a result, i must bow down before george lucas, he really created something special. And, i feared jj would continue where he stopped at star trek into darkness, and, ffs, i was right.

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MartinD said:


Watching a movie with you must be like watching a movie with my girlfriend: she asks a billion questions about what is going to happen and finally reads a Wikipedia plot summary. You bash the director of the new trilogy (Abrams) for not revealing every single plot point (when there is a 30 year gap between sequels) and then praise the former director (Lucas) WHO DID THE EXACT SAME THING 30 YEARS AGO. Some of the other complaints are completely asinine: how much screen time did IG-88, Bossk, the Imperial Guards, Tarkin, Uncle Ben, Nien Numb, Wedge, etc. get in the original trilogy? 

Finaly, yes, Han Solo is old...that's the 30 years part. With this litany of irrational gripes, I can't believe you gave Episode IV less that 12/10.

I am sorry, i just gave my Arguments

Saw the movie yesterday and loved it! It's so much better than Episode I-III and captures the spirit of the original trilogy. Sure, they played it safe a lot of the time. But the overall atmosphere was great and pure Star Wars. Can't wait for Episode VIII.