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MartinD said:


Watching a movie with you must be like watching a movie with my girlfriend: she asks a billion questions about what is going to happen and finally reads a Wikipedia plot summary. You bash the director of the new trilogy (Abrams) for not revealing every single plot point (when there is a 30 year gap between sequels) and then praise the former director (Lucas) WHO DID THE EXACT SAME THING 30 YEARS AGO. Some of the other complaints are completely asinine: how much screen time did IG-88, Bossk, the Imperial Guards, Tarkin, Uncle Ben, Nien Numb, Wedge, etc. get in the original trilogy? 

Finaly, yes, Han Solo is old...that's the 30 years part. With this litany of irrational gripes, I can't believe you gave Episode IV less that 12/10.