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Forums - Website Topics - tension between members?

ArtofAngels said:
Who wants to fight me?

 I do but maybe later

Need people to play online with me for Brawl.

Name is DROAK.  

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mesoteto said:

moar funny pictures

I do so shower!

*Pulls hair*

*hair rips*.....OMG that hurt is so on

hey art check this out

*kicks distracted AOA in the shin*


mesoteto's a pussy

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*AOA , hopping around on one leg....fails to notice teh 9 iron until it connects to the knee cap of the leg he is hopping on*


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bring it on!

@grey--hey i got no beef with ya but..

*starts tape recorder*

Womans voice:.....*static* grey are you there....

*garbled sound*

Womans voice:....*sobbing sounds* grey i dont know where i am , this is your i can see is this tape recorder and a wood chipper.....and blood lots of blood......*static*...OH GOD I DONT WANT TO DIE

*stops tape*

i mean we can do this if you want


Rock_on_2008 said:
I am waiting for the Soriku v's Leo-j showdown that will be cool.


Soriku vs. Leo-j uh? it can be fixed, what about a thread where you post if you are Soriku fan & another for ppl who is Leo-j fan, you can post anything just for increase replies, by the end of the week we will know who is the winner

Whoever wants to fight AOA, has to beat me first... **start jumping in one leg**

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