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Forums - Website Topics - tension between members?

^or lack there of---ohhh burnn .......ha i am just kidding...or am I?


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New challenger approaching!

* Does the winning pose while AOA kicks him in the n*** and passes out... *

Dromafett said:
Rock_on_2008 said:
I am waiting for the Soriku v's Leo-j showdown that will be cool.


Soriku vs. Leo-j uh? it can be fixed, what about a thread where you post if you are Soriku fan & another for ppl who is Leo-j fan, you can post anything just for increase replies, by the end of the week we will know who is the winner

I like that idea Do it!

I'd probably win easily, though.

I'd like to kick Montana's and Stof's asses, Montana for letting SC off of his 6 week ban after less than a day, and Stof for banning me for 2 days for correcting SC.

*kicks GGE in the groin area*

*....nothing happens*

*is surprised*

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^she isnt here....unless you know something?


Well Onimusha12's here but he doesn't pretend to be a girl like the other gballzack puppets soooo....


You said Yu-Gi-Oh! sucks, ehhh?

* gathers Ki *

Huh kan niet volgen heb ik iets gemist =p?

Sometimes you just have to turn the other cheek.