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Forums - Website Topics - tension between members?

everyone here respects the reggienator.




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Mesoteto, you need to learn some manners... I mean you are really mean... You need to lighten up pal... *Forces Meso to sit in the corner*

^but we are supposed to be fighting......awww man

moar funny pictures


Time is up! *Allows Meso to get out the corner*



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You're all a bunch of nancy boys.

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Ewww... thats gross... I hate sweat... I think you meant sweet?

@at the guy before you--only b/c the corner stunk like poop will i not fight you


and yes sweet


I am not a nancy! Take that back! *Luinil Slaps DaSimkin! It's Super Effective!*

Yeah I do...

I want to know WTF Dromafett has against me, he's a k**b to me for no reason. The first time we ever interacted with each other was when he sent me a message telling me to stay away from his threads or else in a real pussy way. I want to know what I did to warrant this unconditional hate from him.