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Forums - Website Topics - tension between members?

Ok Mesoteto I'll fight you too.

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@Highwaystar101: You are a self-proclaimed troll -> and there you have it. But if I were you I would still want a response from Dromafett...

@High--maybe he is mad that you are in my will and he isn't

@luinil---whoa young lady...march your butt to the corner this min


cool48 said:
Ok Mesoteto I'll fight you too.
 luinil said i am not allowed to fight anymore 



but...but... awww just three more minutez? PLZ?

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in the time it took you to bug me you could have been over half way done with your punishment


@luinil--your free to go


well... let me - Meso! What is that on the back of your head? *runs off*

*crap sticky bomb* runs and hits cool48

gets on wario bike and rides away


WOOHOO i see them running
probably because i flexed my muscles

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