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    Crazy opinion about Miyamoto.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 April 2010

    Viper1 said:Argument is invalid.He made Wii Music for himself but also made Wii Fit for himself. The sales difference is dramatic. That's because he defined the genre with Wii Fit. With Wii Music, everybody was expecting a Guitar Hero clone, which it wasn't. At all....

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    Manga - Hilarity Ensues

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 December 2009

    No. My sig is entirely unrelated to the manga I linked to....

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    Manga - Hilarity Ensues

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 December 2009   I was straight out roflmao over this. As soon as I started reading I had to post it over here. The rest of the manga is mostly unrelated to gaming, so I didn't post the beginning of the series, but this specific chapter was hilarious....

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    Wii Tans

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 October 2009

    Impressive, you managed to bump a thread that was over 2 years old. That's got to be a record or something.Thanks for the compliments though. I haven't really had a chance to draw recently. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into that soon....

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    Nurse suspended for prayer offer

    in General Discussion on 03 February 2009

    How fucking anal do you have to be to say "don't pray for me"? This is regardless of believing in their god, no god, or a completely different god. I mean, seriously. Think about that for just a minute.If I said, "I hope you get better" would that be an issue? Well, guess what, I'm religious, if I'm hoping for someone's wellbeing, beyond what my own skills are capable of supplying, then that's a...

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    The lack of an ethernet port on the Wii is a ridiculous omission.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 January 2009

    dougsdad0629 said: My point is that Nintendo supposedly went Standard Definition because they figured that not everybody has a HDTV. They should have applied the same logic here and realized that not everybody has or wants wi-fi. They did apply the same logic, provided you actually think about the issue and not just use it to try to justify your own perspective: Nintendo's...

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    What is the most underated game in history ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 January 2009

    Yeah, lets face it, a lot of people do seem to be getting under appreciated confused with underrated. Okami, Psychonauts, and many others got the ratings they deserved, but not the popularity that their quality warranted.If you want underRATED, then there's no other choice but Wii Music....

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    I need a hand guys....

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 January 2009

    I'd go with the choice that gives you the higher Gameplay hours to price ratio. I've heard Bioshock was relatively short as compared to Mass Effect(I might be wrong on that, I'm not 360) so Mass Effect might just give you more filling gaming experience, even if Bioshock might end up being a tastier one....

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    How do you leave Wii when you don't play it?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 January 2009

    what? I've never stopped playing since I got it. I play metroid prime 3 twilight princess mario galaxy smash bros okami resident evil zack&wiki no more heroes mario kart wii during the day and I play wii fit, wii sports, wii play, and wii fit in my sleep, or at least I assume so, since when I check the bullitin board it shows 8 hours worth of those games. when I shower, I put the Wii remote...

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    How did Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition get labeled as having good controls?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 December 2008

    Is it desperation to show that Wiimote controls are good? or were the controls without the Wiimote were THAT much WORSE? I can't think of any other reason. Okay, this is a game where a bunch of people are trying to chase you down and KILL you. Whose bright idea was it to make it so you have to CHOOSE between moving and fighting? I just don't see the logic here. I love the fact that you can aim...

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    Marry your cousin

    in General Discussion on 25 December 2008

    dolemit3 said: colonelstubbs said: But i dont wanna marry my cousin! No! But what if she's smoking hot But that's the whole point. What excuse is he going to have now to avoid gettign tied down after how often they've banged?  ...

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    F*** being politically correct! Merry Christmas to all of you!

    in General Discussion on 25 December 2008

    Reviving for Christmas.Merry Christmas, to all of ya. Remember, you don't need to subscribe to a religion to accept the good will of those who do....

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    Males - Do you prefer women with long or short hair?

    in General Discussion on 24 December 2008

    I like either really short hair, so I can access their neck and ears for easy nibbling, or really really long hair that I can run my fingers through and play with.Sometimes it has to do with body and face shape, and some women look better with short hair and some better with long hair, so ultimately, it's whatever suits them....

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    what is the best chocolate or sweet

    in General Discussion on 23 December 2008

    swedish fish (not stale) are awesome, as are fruit flavored jellybeans(not the stupid crap like popcorn and chocolate and coffee, I mean seriously)oreos come in as a high ranked cookiecandybars - twix, peanutbutter cups, Take 5, snickers....

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    Hospitalized by the Wii in the UK, 10 per week, 520 per year

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 December 2008

    so out of 100 million Wii players (42 million consoles x average number of users per household [1 - 6 range = conservative 2.5 average]) there are 1000 Wii owners that have managed to maim themselves with it.Honestly, that's actually pretty good stats.....

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    What's the best way to get "banned" from this site?

    in Website Topics on 22 December 2008

    Guys, guys, guys... Did you READ?This guy asked the BEST way to get banned, not the fastest or most surest way.The best way to get banned is to first create a thread about how VGchartz how awesome it is that VGChartz filters out everybody's password to make sure that no one steals it accidentally. and you demonstrate by posting a series of question marks like so "?????? <- See guys, VGChartz...

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    Will you play a sequel without its prequel?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 December 2008

    LordTheNightKnight said: As for the thread title, acumen, you didn't need to write out something that long. Just write "previous" instead of "prequel". Duh. "Will you play a sequel without its previous?" Hrmm... nope, sorry, doesn't work, and I already explained the rules, so now you're going to have to suffer the consequences. From now on, what I'll say is "If you haven't played...

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    Will you play a sequel without its prequel?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 December 2008

    LordTheNightKnight said: Prequel does NOT mean the previous release. The word is a combination of "previous" and "sequel". A previous sequel. If the work was made before, it cannot possibly be a prequel.No, this not up to debate or "I think it means" or "I would call it a prequel" crap. The word was coined specifically to cover sequels that took place before the...

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    Protection from the PINK!!!

    in General Discussion on 21 December 2008

    Yeah, but in the original Kirby's dreamland, he wasn't pink, since GB games don't have color.And he's still stolen your power, it's just he spits it back and and uses that power as a direct attack instead of keeping it for himself....

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    Protection from the PINK!!!

    in General Discussion on 21 December 2008

    kirby eats people and steals their powers... Soon you too will be assimilated......

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