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Forums - Sports Discussion - The most horrifying video i have ever seen on youtube.

Metroid33slayer said:
LMU Uncle Alfred said:

Let me put it this way, the gore in some of those videos are the least of your worries when watching them.  The sounds made by people about to die and during will haunt you.  The gore is still awful, but it's that feeling of helplessness while watching them suffer that will make you absolutely sick and turn pale.

Are they torture victims or people getting ripped apart by a wild animal like a bear, i'm just trying to think of the worst possible thing imaginable.

Despite the cliche nature of hearing about them all over the news, it's beheading videos.  Don't watch them, no matter what.  I feel like I'm responsible already for many of you about to be scarred for life and I apologize in advance.  Just don't man... 

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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
I doubt its worse than a some video i saw a couple years with the cutting of the head of a reported abducted by some talibans ( i think it was talibans i dont remember ).

Dude tricked me to watch that shit and i just wantd to fucking punch my friend in the face, i was sick for hours, just thinking of the sound that come from the blood in the throat is making me sick again...

I saw that beheading video back in '03.  It was big news and I didn't have the internet. Saw it on a site called Ogrish of something at a friend's house. It did something to me. Made me look at people differently.  At the time, it was the most horrific thing I'd ever seen.

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Yea, that beheading video came into my mind when I was reading OP. That video is by far the would I put it...uncomfortable, it is hard to describe since you really cannot even imagine what it looks or feels like seeing it. I'm not fan of these kind of videos and did not watch the one mentioned in the OP.

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Brick through window is worst... Kids in the back seat and everything

Have seen worse and more explicit, sadly.

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Metallox said:
Have seen worse and more explicit, sadly.

Yea, it's quite hard to shock somebody in the NS4W era.

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Just from reading the description in the OP I'm fairly sure I seen that F1 race, half a body spinning into the air kinda torn up? That musta been about 20 years ago? so yeah it was pretty memorable in terms of awful shit to happen to someone but the Marshal was completely at fault himself if I recall, (not going to watch OP's vid cos yeah... seen that shit)

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As human beings, we have to be very careful what we put into our minds because once it's in there, you will never forget it and it will always be there for better or worse.

I've seen worse tbh.. Still though, ugh!

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